Friday, November 23, 2012


THE BIG CRAWL IS DONE AND WE JUST DID THE MINI CRAWL!  is done and we had over 2200 people through our building of five artists.  Conversations, sales, new clients, old clients and hanging with the artists in our building makes for a great Crawl.

For four years now we have been part of a mini crawl.  A few of the artists from the Crawl get together and we visit each others studios on the Tuesday after the Crawl.  It works with about 6-8 artists.  So here are the artists we went to.

We started with Rachael Ashe who is an altered book and paper cutter artist.

she can make anything out of paper
Next on the list was Maryanne Tatashi.  She is a mixed media painter. 

 Holly Cruise was amazing and gave us a talk about the newly formed glass co-op and gave us a demo on flame work and made a lovely little cupcake.  They offer classes and you can also apply for a membership.

glory holes
flame work area
flame work demo
making the bead
almost finished the cupcake
Reilly and Miranda Lievers and their two cats share a wonderful live/work space at the edge.  What impressed me was the way they have managed to organize their place to accommodate all their interests.  Their day job is photography specializing in engagement, wedding and family portraits. 

Reilly's art practice involves photography and music. 
This will be the rocking chair for their baby which is arriving in March!
They have arranged it so client space is on the main floor here and their personal living space is on the second floor.
Miranda's art practice is hand crafted items from ceramics, jewelry, fabric work and design.

Torrie Groening's studio is set up in the church part of the building they bought 1 1/2 years ago in Strathcona.  It is a beautiful bright large space to work in.  She draws, paints, prints, photographs and was showing her very large digital collage prints.  Some of them have up to 15 layers.  They involve photography of her artwork, collections, writings, etc.  It is a wonderful process so if you get a chance check her out!

this is work in progress for the next collage
drawing station and note the large format camera
another set up waiting for the photo process
Amy Walker has several sides to her art.  Fantasty hats, furniture, paintings and her lovely handmade snowflakes.  She is also a mad bicyclist and edited a book on cycling.
not only beautiful but practical
her hand made snowflakes
snowflakes can be rectangle, right?

Valerie Arntzen

This is a picture of how I had my studio set up for the Crawl showing my Ceremonial Blankets I made for a show in Amsterdam at NP40 Gallery.  I loved learning to work with a new medium.

Arnt Arntzen
Arnt was also showing his work made in Amsterdam and shown at the NP40 Gallery.  He did about a dozen collage paintings.  He has never painted before but loved the process and learned lots.  

We ended the day with soup and beverages at our house and some lively discussions from how the Crawl went to Frida's uni-brow!

 Just a note: We saw this amazing documentary called "The Other F Word"  It is about the punk men from the 70's & 80's who are now fathers and still touring! Arnt and I highly recommend it. 


  1. Awesome post Val! All I took was photos of everyone's pets. A very enjoyable day.

  2. Great post...wonderful work...and great links. Thanks Valerie.