Thursday, August 15, 2013


This summer not much art was made once the heat turned on but I am in nine shows for 2013/2014 which I am very excited about. Here are some highlights from my summer.

Palm Springs.... 
Way back in June when it was still raining in Vancouver, my friends Lee and Phil took me to Palm Springs for a hit of sun.  Was lovely and hot and we were surrounded with swimming pools.  It is the town for mid century art, furniture and architecture.  
the house under the palms
living room

all the meals prepared by Phil and eaten outside
just two rows of the 10 that decorate a store front
unusual chair in one of the many fab stores

metal scored flat and then folded
this store is in a house from the 30's and they filled in the pool
lots of public art

view from above
See the dry mountains and the lush valley.  What happens when they run out of water.  All those pools and golf courses.  They are as a city changing the plants to drought resistant but it might be too late.  They are harnessing lots of wind power though.  They need it for all the air conditioners running non-stop.
Very Cool Hotels

Went to a couple of neighbourhoods with mid century houses.  Great rock work on low houses usually painted white.

but really this is what it is all about...cocktails in the pool!

The party of the summer was hosted by Pauline and Simon who celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and shared it with their best pal Nina who was turning 60.  About 70 people showed up in Red as the theme and took in the yummy barbecue and music by Late Thaw who Arnt drums with.  We also got to have dinner with P & S’s son Levon who we have known since he was born.  He plays basketball now in Spain.  He has an amazing apartment in the Woodwards building downtown and wanted to show us the placement of the piece he had bought from me.  He cooked us a great meal as we sat high in the sky looking at the fabulous view.

Pauline in red hat, Nina in blue dots and hubby Warren in white hat
Simon on the keys
Arnt on the drums
Nina with good pal Zubin who sang us some great songs
The official photographer Doug Cowell
Everyone came...old and young!



Arnt and I are on the board of the the Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Club.  We build small wooden boats in a float house on the Maritime dock in Vancouver.  The float house is open to the public for a visit on Saturdays at 10 for a few hours (except long weekends).  We will be in the Wooden Boat Festival on Granville Island Sept 22-25th.  We had a summer barbecue to meet some members.
We will take this gartside pram to the festival to show its progress


You gotta love this festival…food, dancing, music and oh the characters!

That is what I did the first part of my summer of our surfing and sailing trip to come.