Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sightseeing and setting up the apartment

We were settling into our apartment and decided we needed a few things.  As usual I write a list...desk for art, folding chair, tray for kitchen and patio table and chairs.  I told our landlady that we were having a party for my birthday and she lent us two chairs that she said we could keep on the patio...check got chairs.  We ride off to the hardware store to pick up the rest.  On the way we find a door that could be the desk and we just get some folding legs for under and that should be okay.  Arnt puts it under his arm and starts heading off on his bike.  I spy another pile of stuff (like New York you can put larger stuff out on the curb once a week) and in the pile is a desk for art, folding chair, tray for kitchen and patio table! I am not we put down the door and took the rest!
Our Mantle
Folding Chair

Patio Table

Here are some photos of art we have seen so far...

Love this so much!


Arnt as public art
Ride through Vondel Park
At the library
Gals wining in the window
Boys praying to the beer god!
Rob too big for boat!

Doorways have protectors

A visit to the oldest church in Amsterdam....
No nails in the stairway

Lots of wood in the ceiling and stone crypts in the floor.
 A trip to Zaanse Schans to see the windmills and old town....
An oil windmill and a sawmill windmill.     
Sawing up the log.
Making klompen
I got me a big pair of klompen
The end of a great day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

How did I get to be 60?

The first day of my 60th birthday started out great.  Rob and Sharon who came to be with us in Amsterdam and to celebrate with me came over and we all went to the Van Gogh Museum.

Stopped at a tree on our way home. 

We had a typical Euro lunch at our apartment....olives, CHEESE, sun dried tomatoes, great baguette, beets, beer and wine.   We had organized that we meet at the American Hotel for the beginning of the Birthday celebrations....the four of us walked over and met up with Rob and Rina.  As Rob and Rina were trying to figure out our table at the restaurant we said..."surprise it is a canal boat trip".  So we all jumped on Paradis and met our captain Ronald.


Captain Ronald

Arnt driving boat

                   We picked up some lovely snacks to go with our Champagne and white wine!

                                    The gang cruising the, bridges, architecture!

NEMO the Science centre
Amsterdam architecture
Film Museum
Canal View

Typical Dutch Boyer
Indiaman Amsterdam replica
Canal work boat

After the canal boat ride we went back to our place and Arnt and I made supper for everyone.  I received great gifts...maple syrup from Canada, tomato, parlsey and marjoram plants for my deck, spices for my cupboard, homemade jam and sauce, a Van Gogh puzzle of the Almond Blossom painting to keep me amused, two purses, a journal and a great book, ...spoiled!  60 is not so bad....thanks to everyone for all the good wishes and fun times!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

At Home in Holland

After a couple of hiccups we are finally in our new apartment.  The plane in London had "technical difficulties".  A bit unnerving to take off in a plane that you know that about but it was fixed and we were an hour behind.   We were pulled from the line in customs and almost were refused entry due to a technicality, but we made it.  Jet lag is not so bad but we needed a couple of days to just think about nothing after all the planning, packing, etc.  Our bikes are here and we are happy just to ride around shopping at out door markets, flea markets, watching boats and getting to know Amsterdam.  Our apartment is even better than we thought but alas not one piece of art on the walls (they are cement)....we will fix that somehow.  My studio is going to be set up in our large bedroom which opens up onto our deck.  I just have to get a table which will be a challenge on how to transport it here on a bike.  hmmm!  The following photos are some first impressions. 

Must get cheese!

For Evan

Souvineer Store

Flea Market Ball Gowns

How to move your stuff!

Rehearsal for symphony on a bridge..note floating audience seating.


Love those shutters.

Arnt too!

Outdoor market lunch purchases.