Sunday, June 18, 2017

All About 65! (part one)

Well I turned 65 this year and wanted to do something special.  For my 60th we moved to Amsterdam for 6 months.  On my actual birthday I rented this cool old motor boat and 6 of us toured the canals, drank champagne and ate snacks.
How to top that one?  New York City of course!  I had 7 of my nearest and dearest with significant birthdays in 2017 (1 at 50, 3 at 60 and 3 at 65 and me).
So I put my organizing hat on and 12 of us came from Vancouver, 2 from Berlin, 2 from Amsterdam, 2 from Memphis, 1 from Florida and about 10 from NYC to make this great gang that hung out over 10 days with art, music, walks, sailing, eating, drinking and partying.

Everyone took care of their own accommodations so we had people in Brooklyn, Lower East Side,  Soho and we were in the West Village in a fabulous apartment with a spiral staircase to the deck, lent to us by a friend. 

Arnt barbecuing chicken and veg skewers
for a final dinner with the leftover gang

this is next door to our building

We started in Brooklyn at our very generous friend Michael's 5 story brownstone for a brunch and to make a plan of attack.  Our list of fun was so great that we ended up with most events having 10 to 20 people at each.  I had never been to Brooklyn and was pleasantly surprised with the neighbourhood feel, direct train from our stop in the Village and architecture.  Pauline, Simon and Michael hosted a delicious brunch and we hung out for quite awhile before taking a walk through Dumbo and then up onto the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan. 

 Rina, Rob and Pauline