Sunday, June 2, 2013


As an assemblage artist it is always a constant struggle to keep on top of my collections that I work from.  At least once a year I try to clear out and re-organize.  This helps me divest of some stuff and to keep in touch with what I have to work with.  Recently six of us brought our extra supplies to my studio and then invited other artists to come by and help themselves to our pile.  Was a great way to meet other artists and to pass on our extras.  And yes we ended up raiding each others' stuff!  Could not be helped.

While re-organizing my studio I ended up with a box of fabric to get rid of.  I invited some artists to come by and create something out of the pile.  Four of us ended up making a piece each and learned a lot doing this exercise. Michelle Sirois-Silver , Maureen Sugrue  , Christina Norberg  and me.

the workshop

work in progress.......

adding the arms
body and legs

start of the head

Michelle's B/W doll
Maureen's Turtle Baby

and this is why she gets that name

Christina's Rabbit

Valerie's Frida

the whole family
on display at 800 Keefer in AMP's window


The best coffee shop in the hood is "THE WILDER SNAIL" across the road from me and is run by Boyd Thomson.  A couple of weeks ago he installed the first ever (in the world I think) pedal power to generate electricity to power your computer or cell phone while enjoying an excellent coffee and local baking.   The opening had live music by a few local musicians and in the evening a party with a DJ that was powered by pedaling.  Boyd is an engineer and worked with some great fellows at Eat Art....check the sites below for more info!

The stations in front of the plank counter (as seen in Scout Magazine)
Pedal Power in action
DJ powered by Pedal Power
The Launch


My husband Arnt and I had a great visit with Brent Comber, an artist,  sculptor and designer who uses recycled wood and is based in North Vancouver.  He has connections with the Parks Board and the province to harvest leftover or windfall trees.  He is much like Arnt in the fact that he does not like to waste any of the wood.  His shop also produces very little garbage.  All the sawdust goes to the city for composting and there is a bit of trash which is sanding discs and such.  Brent has shown all over the world and does great displays when he goes to trade shows.  We have seen a couple of his booths in Vancouver and New York.
Check out for more info.

he has lots of raw materials on hand

pieces being completed

end tables
Arnt and Brent are laughing because the ball moved and when they looked inside one of his workers was working in there
the colours and patterns in this coffee table are does not have a finish on it yet

some of his sculpture pieces

being painted for an installation at Van Dusen Gardens
just half of this massive spruce

and he needs tools

the heaviest tool in the shop...the planer
this is the chopper where pieces are formed...the blades are made from old lawnmowers

it is all about patterns

we have this piece in end table size
wall sculpture
sculpture, end tables and coffee tables
wall sculpture
wall sculpture...his is working on another one but much bigger
the office

I love the bookshelf
 who doesn't love maquettes