Sunday, June 2, 2013


As an assemblage artist it is always a constant struggle to keep on top of my collections that I work from.  At least once a year I try to clear out and re-organize.  This helps me divest of some stuff and to keep in touch with what I have to work with.  Recently six of us brought our extra supplies to my studio and then invited other artists to come by and help themselves to our pile.  Was a great way to meet other artists and to pass on our extras.  And yes we ended up raiding each others' stuff!  Could not be helped.

While re-organizing my studio I ended up with a box of fabric to get rid of.  I invited some artists to come by and create something out of the pile.  Four of us ended up making a piece each and learned a lot doing this exercise. Michelle Sirois-Silver , Maureen Sugrue  , Christina Norberg  and me.

the workshop

work in progress.......

adding the arms
body and legs

start of the head

Michelle's B/W doll
Maureen's Turtle Baby

and this is why she gets that name

Christina's Rabbit

Valerie's Frida

the whole family
on display at 800 Keefer in AMP's window

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