Sunday, November 6, 2016


Arnt and I went to Scotland and England this fall and here is my post about Scotland.  We flew into Glasgow and stayed with some friends who we had met in New York City at a diner 7 years ago.  Our stay there was so fun and informative due to the hospitality and knowledge of Trevor and Fiona.  Thank you, thank you to both of you so much! 

This post has lots of information for you history buffs.



 One of the first things we noticed was all the chimneys on the buildings.  
There would have been a fireplace for each of those chimneys.

 love this building with all its details

the Doulton fountain outside the people's palace even had Canada...moosehead
for him and she has an axe and maybe wheat sheaves

 The University of Glasgow 1451
yep, almost 600 years old!!!

This is the Cloisters at the  University of Glasgow which connects
the east and west quadrangles and leads to the Hunterian.
Such a beautiful space.