Sunday, March 26, 2017



I have not done a blog post for quite a while.  The reason is my friend for over 40 years, Norma died in December.   One of the things we did together was talk about what I had posted last time whether it was travels or art.  I won't have that part of my blog posts anymore and has taken me this long to try to deal with that.  
Our friendship started in Panajachel, Guatemala with dancing at the Coco Loco and drinking rum out of a coconut.  I had to cross a river on a log to get home so if it was too late I would sleep at Norma's and that bonded us for life.  

She lived in Santa Fe at a Buddhist Centre and was a painter and sculptor.  I am lucky to have a few of her pieces.  Norma was a fantastic friend...I could call her anytime and talk about anything.  I visited her in Santa Fe several times and we always had such a great time.  Whenever anyone would visit her she made a list of things to do that she knew we would be interested in.  I loved her rooms at the Centre where we had PJ parties and made art, drives in the desert, visits to the Taos Pueblo, Spanish Market, Harry's Diner for pie, the old lady who ran the religious store, Mexican food, churches, graveyards, thrifts and of course visiting the many museums and art galleries.  We would have deep discussions as well as great belly laughs.  
On the days she worked she would drop me off in the neighbourhood she was working in and I would spend hours photographing so I have some lovely photo memories.  She was a gentle soul and I will miss her terribly. 

I left off my last post in Scotland and this is the second half of the journey when we headed to England.  I asked a couple friends who came from England about a place to visit other than London and both said York.  We got off the train in York and stayed for three days.  A lovely quaint walled city with the biggest church!

 staircase to the top of the wall
 view of the huge church from the wall
 we heard a choir rehearsing when we went in
 old buildings with a bit of a sag
 love the timber work