Sunday, March 26, 2017



I have not done a blog post for quite a while.  The reason is my friend for over 40 years, Norma died in December.   One of the things we did together was talk about what I had posted last time whether it was travels or art.  I won't have that part of my blog posts anymore and has taken me this long to try to deal with that.  
Our friendship started in Panajachel, Guatemala with dancing at the Coco Loco and drinking rum out of a coconut.  I had to cross a river on a log to get home so if it was too late I would sleep at Norma's and that bonded us for life.  

She lived in Santa Fe at a Buddhist Centre and was a painter and sculptor.  I am lucky to have a few of her pieces.  Norma was a fantastic friend...I could call her anytime and talk about anything.  I visited her in Santa Fe several times and we always had such a great time.  Whenever anyone would visit her she made a list of things to do that she knew we would be interested in.  I loved her rooms at the Centre where we had PJ parties and made art, drives in the desert, visits to the Taos Pueblo, Spanish Market, Harry's Diner for pie, the old lady who ran the religious store, Mexican food, churches, graveyards, thrifts and of course visiting the many museums and art galleries.  We would have deep discussions as well as great belly laughs.  
On the days she worked she would drop me off in the neighbourhood she was working in and I would spend hours photographing so I have some lovely photo memories.  She was a gentle soul and I will miss her terribly. 

I left off my last post in Scotland and this is the second half of the journey when we headed to England.  I asked a couple friends who came from England about a place to visit other than London and both said York.  We got off the train in York and stayed for three days.  A lovely quaint walled city with the biggest church!

 staircase to the top of the wall
 view of the huge church from the wall
 we heard a choir rehearsing when we went in
 old buildings with a bit of a sag
 love the timber work

Sunday, November 6, 2016


Arnt and I went to Scotland and England this fall and here is my post about Scotland.  We flew into Glasgow and stayed with some friends who we had met in New York City at a diner 7 years ago.  Our stay there was so fun and informative due to the hospitality and knowledge of Trevor and Fiona.  Thank you, thank you to both of you so much! 

This post has lots of information for you history buffs.



 One of the first things we noticed was all the chimneys on the buildings.  
There would have been a fireplace for each of those chimneys.

 love this building with all its details

the Doulton fountain outside the people's palace even had Canada...moosehead
for him and she has an axe and maybe wheat sheaves

 The University of Glasgow 1451
yep, almost 600 years old!!!

This is the Cloisters at the  University of Glasgow which connects
the east and west quadrangles and leads to the Hunterian.
Such a beautiful space.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Apparently Fall is coming!

Summer in BC!

We started off our summer with our 8th Annual Strathcona Surf Club contest.  It takes place in Tofino, BC and most of us camp at Greenpoint Campground.  A lot of the surfers come for the whole week and there are lots of beach and fire hangs, barbecues and surfing together.  This year we had 18 people in the water surfing and boogie boarding.  I won the trophy this year on my trusty Pipo!  Our judge of 7 years, Dori Harrison had a job in Whistler so our stand in judge was Rob O'dea who did a fabo job of filling in with side kicks Dustin and Angie on bino and photography duty.

the surf gang

PIPO handmade by Arnt Arntzen out of red and yellow cedar.

 the coveted trophy
 boards waiting to be ridden

 our lovely camp in the trees at Green Point
first year we have ever had rain but good thing the campsite comes with a dryer

Monday, May 16, 2016


May has been almost summer with some hot days, bike rides, walking in the hood and barbecues on the deck.  Our water restrictions start soon as it is going to be a long hot summer.  Saw quite a bit of art and visited some studios over the last couple of months and been making art too.


this is in our community gardern
my friend Lesia came to visit from Toronto and my bro Glenn and I took her to see one of the Ken Lum pieces in our neighbourhood, the scaled down Vancouver Special. 
The other is the EastVan sign.

a few of the houses in our neighbourhood

 we often take our boat ODIN into False Creek for dinner
last time we were there the "420" cannibis festival was 
happening and Sunset Beach was packed


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring is trying to Spring!

Spring is coming to BC but with some rain.  But in all fairness that is what makes us green and lush!  It has been a great year so far:  

THE HOOD:  the neighbourhood I live in is going through some growing pains.  The major street that borders us has always been a bit blah with no grocery store, restaurants or galleries.  It is now going through a huge change with apartments being built supplying both market and social housing, industry and retail.  We will get more trees and wider sidewalks for pedestrians.  As always with gentrification there are ups and downs.  There will be more cars wanting parking, more people using our small parks but we now have a grocery, restaurants and galleries. 
The Astoria looking good in the morning light! photo by Arnt

apparently we needed to know this

this apartment building is getting a facelift and will still be rentals but probably cost more

We now have our four artists moved in: Lori Sokoluk: painter, mixed media, Ray Ophoff: painter, Joan Tayler: jewellery and sculpture and Arwen Hunter: documentary filmmaker
Here is a link Arwen did about Lori

I invited them to take over the two front windows to announce their arrival in the hood!

At their opening party Arnt and I finally bought these two wonderful oil paintings from Ray Ophoff.  We have been wanting them for a couple years now. is really growing with new artists in North Vancouver, New Westminster and Vancouver. In case you don't know it is an open studio event where you can visit artists working in their studios.  We received a very generous sponsorship from with ads and articles both online and in print. HUGE THANKS to Laura and staff!!!  Six artists in our building are part of it.
                                    These are some of the collages I am currently showing.

we had a great meeting to plan the upcoming year

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hey it is 2016!

 "HAPPY 2016" and I want to share some great news with you all in this post!

.....but first back in 2015 we had the event in our neighbourhood and thousands of people came through our building, Paneficio.  In our studio, AMP Sharon and I counted 3200 visitors.  This is the time to show new work, get feed back, sell your art and expose people to your art practice.  I did very well and sold 5 pieces and lots of my collage cards that weekend and a couple more pieces after that.  I also participate in with several other artists, which is an open studio event where visitors can come to your studio while you are working.  It is a relaxed atmosphere where you can take time to talk about your work and show your tools and techniques. 

my studio during the Crawl with the great weather
2 young boys who had been in my studio left this message outside  (go to see amazing art work) Love!!!

a couple weeks later it started snowing on the mountains
the highest point in our hood and is where the eagles perch
also in my hood are many, many craft beer tasting rooms....finally went on a tour organized by my brother Glenn with Rob and Arnt....look at his tiny beer (he was the driver) compared to my big cider

Friday, November 20, 2015


Here it is November and the Eastiside Culture Crawl is this weekend.  We open our studio doors to thousands of visitors for exhibitions, sales and lots of conversation.  About 450 artists in 80 buildings...get your walking shoes on!
November 19/20 5 to 10pm  Nov 21/22 11-6pm

check out our new websites... &

Arnt is showing these lovely table/stools.

I have 3 small assemblage series I am showing.

four pieces as part of "Framework"
"Stitched Collage" series..this is Qu'apelle Valley
Flight from the "Tin Box" series

Noise and On the Road from "Stitched Collage" series