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New York City is a visual overload.  As promised from the last post this one is all about the art!  I did not get most of the artist's names as I looked at hundreds of pieces of art in the two weeks we were there.  But sometimes it is just fine to look at the visuals without names, titles or written intent.  
One update is: the big band Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks which we saw at the Iguana Club I wrote a about in my last post has now hired my nephew Evan as the clarinet player and has also hired as sub a couple of times his brother Arnt on banjo.  So cool!!!

Sharon and I went with Rob to see his old pal Sanjay and we met them at 
the St Cloud Social on Time Square...we did not have champagne $$$$$$

went for lunch with our nephew Arnt and this is his wallet....quite the assemblage I would say


both of these on the Highline Park

on the side of a know how I love doors

I love this small Chamberlain

not sure about the fried eggs on the wall???

the artist burned wood and then created a painting of the burned wood with the charcoal
 Carmen Harrera still painting in her 90's

911 Memorial subway stop
the transportation building at the Twin Towers memorial
soldiers guarding the building...they were very young and friendly
this artist has people paint a circle .... there are hundreds and all different
who says street signs can't be arty

We just learned on this trip that Sotheby and Christie's Auction houses allow people to come and browse their current collections ready for auction.  You can also attend the auction but you do have to register beforehand.  You can go right up to 30 million dollar paintings and take pictures.  When we arrived two men were rolling this Picasso worth millions, outside so a client could photograph it in the light.  As we walked around there were lots of "agents" shopping for clients by phone.  They would describe pieces and talk about prices.  Lots of ladies dripping with diamonds walking around as well, accompanied by staff to answer their questions.  One woman was meticulously going over a painting with a magnifying glass and marking things down in a notebook.  I had to ask .... she was noting any damage to the painting for a client. Saw some of our favourite painters and sculptors and discovered new artists. We also got to see artwork that had not been seen for years, like the Basquiat which had not been seen since still my beating heart!   Well worth a visit.

not sure??
you won't believe what this is...

I have a thing for nails.

Oh Basquiat how you move me!

some pieces are not my favourite but I photo for research

 hmm....not sure

tons of Picasso ceramics


these are amazing considering that they have been carved as one piece from these logs

Street Art
The Ballerina by Jeff Koons

Roy Newell 1914-2006
New Yorker and contemporary of de Kooning, Gorky, Kline and Pavia painted under 100 paintings due to the fact he re-worked pieces until he got the colour right and some paintings are 1" thick.  He did not exhibit often but is in many museum and private collections. Love!

Jesus Rafael Soto 1923-2005
Construccion En Blanco 1974

my hero Joseph Cornell
 quirky table with blue pigment encased in plexi...there was a gold one too

 Louise Nevelson

 Donald Judd

 amazing little bronze sculptures


this is amazing as it is glued plywood and then carved as one piece

Grace Lau...she had a show at Rennie Gallery

This is about 7 foot and all beads

I know Arnt likes cigars but....

love this piece...reminds me of my fav Noguchi

 this is a big installation hanging from ceiling and this is just 2 feet of the bottom

 sometimes you need to get close to see what is going on

I have a thing for small bowls...I should get this...

We then went to the Met to see the Rei Kawakubo show and a few other exhibits.

 love doors

So this is Rei Kawakubo.... she is in her 80's now and still designing but here is a freaking incredible show of her sculptural fashions.  Some can actually be worn. She also designed the set which was so right for this show.  She is the first designer to have a solo show at the met.
Rei is a Japanese artist based in Tokyo and Paris who although not formally trained as a fashion designer did study fine art and literature.  Here is a link if you want to know more...
I tried to pick out my favourites to show you but they are all my favs!! LOVE!!!

Scout (Evan's gal) fits right in this show

The people at the show were fab as well...

also at the MET were a couple of photo shows

Love the work photos...Arnt would have 
made a good model for this series...

Back to Chelsea to see this unbelievable artist who does giant charcoal
and graphite drawings...I mean giant...see Arnt below for reference.

 and then a few more Chelsea galleries...

Lygia Clark   Modulated Space
fantastic moving light installation

Oil and Rain

The gallery showing Laura Kimpton's work gave me her book.

My new favourite sculptor Jay Kelly....small exquisite work.
I am impressed if you made it to the end.  Thanks so much for taking the time.  The art we saw was incredible and happy to share it with you. Arnt and I are busy getting ready for the November 16-19 and I also have a show for the month of November at 
Renzo's Cafe at 1301 Commercial Drive with some of the work from my "Tools of the Trade" series.  Next up is "what I did on my summer vacation"

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