Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hey it is 2016!

 "HAPPY 2016" and I want to share some great news with you all in this post!

.....but first back in 2015 we had the event in our neighbourhood and thousands of people came through our building, Paneficio.  In our studio, AMP Sharon and I counted 3200 visitors.  This is the time to show new work, get feed back, sell your art and expose people to your art practice.  I did very well and sold 5 pieces and lots of my collage cards that weekend and a couple more pieces after that.  I also participate in with several other artists, which is an open studio event where visitors can come to your studio while you are working.  It is a relaxed atmosphere where you can take time to talk about your work and show your tools and techniques. 

my studio during the Crawl with the great weather
2 young boys who had been in my studio left this message outside  (go to see amazing art work) Love!!!

a couple weeks later it started snowing on the mountains
the highest point in our hood and is where the eagles perch
also in my hood are many, many craft beer tasting rooms....finally went on a tour organized by my brother Glenn with Rob and Arnt....look at his tiny beer (he was the driver) compared to my big cider