Tuesday, July 21, 2015


 This post is about local art, my art, boat launches, travel and parties.  So you can see it is a great start to summer.  I gave Arnt guitar lessons by his nephew Arnt as a gift.  They are sitting around our new fire bowl which Arnt gave me for my birthday.  Our deck is a wonderful place to while away the summer hours.


Went to the first annual Parker Salon last month.  There was an art show on Friday night in the hall and the studios were open on Sat and Sunday.

thin slices of wood embedded in firbreglass for wall pieces
Judson Beaumont created these tiny modern houses.  We had to have one.

Brian Howell with his Barrier burnt forests photographs.
met up with some old friends like Lisa G
Parker Salon was created by these two gals, Nina Chebry and Cybelle Ironside...you go girls!


went to New York to see family, friends, art and architecture and work on a boat

LEIF'S FAMILY:  Thomas (father-in-law), Kathy (wife), Leif and Frances (mother-in-law) treat us as family.
We mostly went so Arnt could help his brother Leif on his boat.  It was still in the shed when we arrived and in the water when we left.  There was at least one all niter pulled to get this done.
It is a lovely old wooden boat...
Concordia Sloop #71 (41'0")
Built in 1959 by Abeking and Rasmussen (#5469)
POLARIS is the name

The inside has not been messed with so retains a lot of its soul.

I got to meet up with my dear friend Robert McQueen (of the play Abba fame + lots more) and he brought a surprise guest Roy Surette who is the Artistic and Executive Director at Centaur Theatre in Montreal.  He gave me my first job in theatre working on a play with Morris Panych and Ken MacDonald when I moved back from California and I credit them a lot with where I ended up today....so thanks guys!

Roy, me and Robert
Then for me it was all about the art....