Tuesday, July 21, 2015


went to New York to see family, friends, art and architecture and work on a boat

LEIF'S FAMILY:  Thomas (father-in-law), Kathy (wife), Leif and Frances (mother-in-law) treat us as family.
We mostly went so Arnt could help his brother Leif on his boat.  It was still in the shed when we arrived and in the water when we left.  There was at least one all niter pulled to get this done.
It is a lovely old wooden boat...
Concordia Sloop #71 (41'0")
Built in 1959 by Abeking and Rasmussen (#5469)
POLARIS is the name

The inside has not been messed with so retains a lot of its soul.

I got to meet up with my dear friend Robert McQueen (of the play Abba fame + lots more) and he brought a surprise guest Roy Surette who is the Artistic and Executive Director at Centaur Theatre in Montreal.  He gave me my first job in theatre working on a play with Morris Panych and Ken MacDonald when I moved back from California and I credit them a lot with where I ended up today....so thanks guys!

Roy, me and Robert
Then for me it was all about the art....


one of my favourite sculptors of all time..Richard Sera

Highline walk and sculpture park

art on the highline and one of my favourite architects....Frank Gehry

Damian Ortega known for metal sculpture of graffiti against a neutral background....this is not paint on a wall

I always take photos of the water towers

I would live in this water tower (mural on the Highline)

crazy gear clock

This is a structure made of plastic

Oh be still my beating heart....skulls!
Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery

bullet art

not sure exactly but I like it...street art

                      giant installation with rocks weighing thousands of pounds and          
         steel sculptures filling the whole space...his influences are ancient 
rock carvings and cow brands
Michael Heizer at the Gagosian Gallery
he is also the artist who works with earth sculptures in Nevada
we have seen his work at DIA Beacon

was fasinated by this deconstructed knitting work by Juliet Martin
I bought a catalogue from her "I Would Wear That" show at noho M55 Gallery and
then sent her a note saying how much I 
liked her work and she sent me more catalogues for my textile friends

that night in Chelsea just happened to be opening night of a bunch of art galleries...went to about 6

flags with sudoku on them

giant embroidered quilt and the way it was hung you could see the back as well

split rock with metal adhered
not sure but to me they looked like they were made from salt

Loretta Howard Gallery
this was the first floor Gene Davis
the second floor had Patick McMullan's personal photo collection of famous people and his friends
He had photos of Mick Jagger when he was about 18 when he was starting out, models, artists, etc. this woman above is the woman below

a famous model and designer from the 60's

same gallery and hob nobbing with the beautiful people of NYC on the roof deck of the gallery......let's face it I was drinking wine, checking out the view and staring at the guests!

on to the next opening....love this painting of course

detail of the painting
a very Mexican feel to this room of art
Sol LeWitt (detail) who I love and this is drawn right on the gallery wall and is huge

took the highliine walk home...famous ww2 photo made into a modern mural
as I am coming off the highline I see this gallery just closing up...I take a photo because it is reminding me of something....
who is outside but Terry from "Exit through the Gift Shop" by Banksy...it is his art opening up in a few days.....so I had to snap a photo and yak a bit to him
walking home saw this storefront with about 8 windows of giants holding product

The new Freedom Tower

and we think Vancouver prices are crazy

lots of door photos

I love this sweet little restaurant "le Gigot" in the village across from Leif and Kathy's

I am very nostalgic for these fire escapes...I was born and raised in Toronto


this show called "China Through the Looking Glass" paired ancient Chinese embroidery work with current designers and design houses.  I went with my sister-in-law, Kathy who knows all the designers so we had a great conversation about it all.  I highly recommend looking at this page from their website as my photos do not do them justice....
Met fashion

This was the entrance to the show...love them!

this is for my friend Pauline who is Dutch and collects blue and white china

this was the final piece and absolutely unbelievable!

This is a painting in Leif and Kathy's house which I just love...so peaceful.

they moved so they could show more of their collection and it is fabulous!
The Whitney was started in 1918 on 8 west 8th Ave by Gertrude Whitney as a "studio club" for artists to hang out together, create and have shows.  Then they started making art and she increase the size by buying the building next door and then another.  She was incredible....here is some of her collection plus additions.
Sol LeWitt "wall drawing 370"

David smith

Marisol's Women & Dog


Jasper Johns


Louise Nevelson

Basquiat (if I was a painter this is what I would do and some minimalist abstract)

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney had this painted and her husband was scandalized as she was in pants!!

Kathy and I eating tacos in the meat packing district


Yoko Ono's show from her art in the 60's


Fernand Leger


large assemblages!

glass sculptures

Jasper Johns

AWWWWW freaking out....Joseph Cornell

huge installation....the large one on the floor is bigger than me and detail below

great photo installation in the architecture show

love this photographer Grete Stern who did not have photoshop...
this exhibition ends in the early 1950s, with Stern’s forward-thinking Sueños (Dreams), a series of photomontages she contributed to the popular women’s magazine Idilio, portraying women’s dreams

me and Marilyn
Sol LeWitt
kind of a cool large rose...background is a building!

sculpture with live bees on head!

the end of the visit at the Mexican restaurant...thanks K & L for a great time!


  1. So fantastic to see all this great art in the comfort of my computer chair. You are a trouper for putting on all the miles to collect these photo's. Inspiring and fantastic collection. Thanks Val.

    1. You are welcome...great place to put all my photos and love it that people actually get to see them!