Saturday, March 22, 2014


2014 is shaping up quite nicely.   Lots of ART and TRAVELING on the horizon.....

Arnt and I gave a talk at last month called....
The Three C's...collecting, collaborating and creating.  Rachael Ashe is the curator for this monthly series.  Be sure to check out what is coming up and here is a link to our talk as they film all the talks. 
Thanks again to Rachael and Chris (owner of gallery) and to everyone who came to the talk.

I have a few shows this year....collage, photography, textile and assemblage.

1. International Collage Show 2014    Art Gallery,  Taranaki, New Zealand
One piece will end up in the permanent collection of University of Wisconsin, the Art Department at the Marshfield/Wood County Campus in USA  

2. BLOOM                           Coast Collective Gallery       Victoria, BC
   photography                March 26 to April 13th


 3. RECLAIMERS                    Cityscape Community Art Space, North Vancouver, BC
     assemblage                             Opening night April 10   7-9pm
                                                    April 11-May 10, 2014

Electrical Box

4.  Ceremonial Blankets          Jericho Arts Centre   Vancouver, BC      April 25- May 17 


5.  I am being represented online by Bernadine Fox at 

6.  FIRST SATURDAY OPEN STUDIOS  is picking up speed.  Nice weather brings in more people and eight new artists joined us in the last month.  We also have great new red banners to help guide people.  Check out for who is opening this month.


In the studio I am taking this year to experiment with new mediums and methods.  So jumping from wax, wood, paper, fabric, paint, metal and photos.   I also host a "Sewing Bee" evening twice a month with Dori Harrison where anywhere from 3 to 6 people show up with projects and sewing machines in hand.  Everything from mending to art projects are done.  We learn a lot from each other and lots of talk about their art and what they have seen in the art scene.  April 12, noon to 4 is our second "ART SUPPLY GIVE AWAY".  Six of us clean out our studios, set up tables in my studio and invite other artists to come and "take for free" whatever they want.  It is a win-win for everyone!


1.  Arnt is sailing around Vancouver Island in our boat ODIN.  He will be sailing with ERN and gone for two months.  I will be joining him on the west coast in July for two weeks.  We will be exploring from Hot Springs Cove to Tofino.  Lots of inlets to explore with great hiking, fishing and diving.  ODIN is a 21 foot converted lifeboat by Arnt and ERN is a 34 foot wooden sloop built 60 years ago.

2.  We will be going back to Tofino for the 6th annual all ages surf contest "Strathcona Surf Club" in August.  Camping, surfing, boogie boarding, beach days, barbecues and lots of seafood feasts.  Check out our blog at for pictures and stories.  Arnt won the contest last year with some special moves....surfing while standing on his head and surfing while standing backwards with arms outstretched.  We have lots of categories including costume and best comedy routine.  If you are interested in coming let us know. 

3.  I was going to join Arnt on another part of the sailing trip but have been lured away by two amazing friends who are taking me to PRAGUE and BERLIN.  How could I resist....well I did at first resist and then Arnt said "ARE YOU CRAZY"  we can always sail this coast...take this once in a lifetime offer.  So two weeks in early summer.  I have not been to either place so looking forward to it all.  We also have another friend from here who lives in Berlin for a couple months every year.  We will be hooking up with him for meals, art and sightseeing.  

4.  Arnt's brother Leif puts on a concert in front of his place every year.  The street is closed and stage and chairs set up.  It just happens to be in the village in New York and we will be attending that hopefully in September with the two friends who are taking me to Europe.


Went up to Whistler for a few days.  

While Arnt was snowboarding I went to the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre
They were saying that this centre has rejuvenated the Lil'wat cultures weaving, carving and language skills.

cedar bark weaving
wool weaving
Arnt and I are on the board of Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Society and we build small wooden boats.  The following pictures are of the latest build which is a 7.5 foot gartside pram.  If you are interested in joining it is just $40 per year and for an extra $50 per year you get to row any of the boats.  Every Saturday there is a group down at the float house building  boats or boat parts such as oars.  The next boat will be a gartside riff sailing dingy which will be 12.5 feet.  Learn how to build boats.  All information is at

the launch
so pretty
3 men in a in a beauty!

And last of all....went to see the big 745 foot sculpture by Janet Echelman  at the new convention centre.  It is part of the 30th anniversary of Ted Talks that are going on right now.  Echelman is known for her fluid, wind and air dream catchers in the sky, woven like fishermen's nets and using fibers from Saco, Maine, fifteen times the strength of steel.  You can download an app on your mobile device and control the light and colour.  So very cool!

daytime view moving in the wind

 Thanks everyone for stopping by.....