Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring has Sprung!

Been a really nice spring (and let's face it when was winter...sorry everywhere else Canada) so have been on my bike a bit and getting out to see music, art, boats and did a week surf trip to Tofino and a visit to Gabriola.

I wanted to start this post with a couple photos from my neighbourhood...just love our hood and all the people who think outside the box or are just funny!

ART BY OTHERS: every few months we meet at my friend Sarah's house for sparkling beverages, snacks and art talk.  She also has an amazing collection of art as well. (sorry I do not have the names of the artists)  She is an incredible paper collage artist and painter.
You can see her art at

Sarah's work

her snacks are always good
one of her early pieces
I love this piece as it goes with sculptures he had made that are all drawn in this painting