Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Apparently Fall is coming!

Summer in BC!

We started off our summer with our 8th Annual Strathcona Surf Club contest.  It takes place in Tofino, BC and most of us camp at Greenpoint Campground.  A lot of the surfers come for the whole week and there are lots of beach and fire hangs, barbecues and surfing together.  This year we had 18 people in the water surfing and boogie boarding.  I won the trophy this year on my trusty Pipo!  Our judge of 7 years, Dori Harrison had a job in Whistler so our stand in judge was Rob O'dea who did a fabo job of filling in with side kicks Dustin and Angie on bino and photography duty.

the surf gang

PIPO handmade by Arnt Arntzen out of red and yellow cedar.

 the coveted trophy
 boards waiting to be ridden

 our lovely camp in the trees at Green Point
first year we have ever had rain but good thing the campsite comes with a dryer