Tuesday, July 21, 2015


 This post is about local art, my art, boat launches, travel and parties.  So you can see it is a great start to summer.  I gave Arnt guitar lessons by his nephew Arnt as a gift.  They are sitting around our new fire bowl which Arnt gave me for my birthday.  Our deck is a wonderful place to while away the summer hours.


Went to the first annual Parker Salon last month.  There was an art show on Friday night in the hall and the studios were open on Sat and Sunday.

thin slices of wood embedded in firbreglass for wall pieces
Judson Beaumont created these tiny modern houses.  We had to have one.

Brian Howell with his Barrier burnt forests photographs.
met up with some old friends like Lisa G
Parker Salon was created by these two gals, Nina Chebry and Cybelle Ironside...you go girls!

visited Rachael Ashe in her summer studio at Leeway Emily Carr....her paper work is amazing
Craft Council of BC on Granville Island had an incredible show by Jane Kidd...hand weaving

also on Granville Island Michelle Sirois-Silver at the Silk Weaving studio...her work is small pieces all about Text Tiles
I so admire her hand work

music was provided by Jerry Silver's band
we also saw Jerry in a big band called Impressions in New West

                              Windsor Gallery had a summer group show called Concurrent

David Robinson....one of my favourite sculptors in Vancouver
When I first looked at this I did not get it...he cut the whole thing into tiny squares and reassembled it!

Will Murray at The Back Gallery 
(mixed media and photography)

Will wove this piece.

Equinox Gallery was showing Sunni Assu's Day School 

and paintings by Etienne Azack

Monte Clark was showing Paul Housley a painter from England
(all about his studio)

The VAG had a huge show by Geoffrey Farmer

also a very good architecture show with great models

The 500 years of Italian painting was fabulous...this one is 500 years old.

Robson Street pedestrian way for the summer.

I love this sculpture by Marcus Bowcott called Trans Am Totem
(the top car lights up at night)

Ken Lum's perfect Vancouver Special

road trip with Rachael, Vanessa and Michelle to see Lori Sokoluk's show in Gibsons called Azo Gold

the four artists in the show
both the apples and the shoes are by Veronica Aimone

wonderful garden on the sea
 Deer Lake Gallery featured Vanessa Lam's Scrapyard Chronicles and she gave a talk.

Mountain Galleries

This is a new coffee table by Arnt from a plane wing and is at Mountain Galleries Jasper

                       The BEES have been making yarn from recycled t shirts and i made a sculputre

I used metal chopsticks to give it an edge


Back to Tofino for a gal pal week with Sharon.  Got some great rides, fires, food and lots of yakking!

Got invited up to Stonehouse Vineyard in Oliver by Joe and Linda

thought about buying this car in Princeton

Queen of the kitchen...hmmmm bacon
major activity is cocktails by the pool

picked from their lovely cherry tree

this is the kids sleeping quarters and play house
went to Hidden Chapel winery
no he did not see the light

this is an old homestead on the way to Burrowing Owl Winery

Joe cut down a walnut tree and gave it to Arnt.  This is Dan and Arnt slabbing it.


The work continues on ERN's mast

finally after 11 months of the mast breaking it is going off to the rigger... a couple more weeks and then back on ERN!

Oarlock and Sail crew launched Ragna, a 12 foot sailing row boat

it is a sweet ride and all built by volunteers


this is my nephew Miles playing drums with Will Butler
The 19th annual Union Street Block Party
these are two more of my nephews Arnt and Evan and Rob on guitar
 the band is called Hawks and Keefer
Arnt on Drums 
the fire truck always comes to show support...this is the first time we got the hose and it was a relief from the heat....firemen rock!

Miles came back to play at the Vancouver Folk Festival with Angelique Kidjo and he gave me two passes.  Donald and I went and had a great time...saw quite a few friends and hooked up with Pauline and Simon and some of the Boom Booms.  I had not been to the festival in over 30 years.  Saw some amazing music especially my nephew Miles drumming at the end of the festival.

The festival starts with the blanket run....you quickly dash for the main stage and stake out your territory with your tarp or blanket!
 now full of people on their blankets...at 11am this is where our blanket is

 amazing band from Africa...Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba
 This is Angelique Kidjo with drummer Miles Arntzen!

The extreme heat encouraged us to finish our TIKI BAR and have a party

Arnt did a great job on Margaritas, the Caribbean and Mai Tais
lots of great music around the fire bowl...thanks Jerry, Rob and Tom.....other musicians were Arnt and Georgina with Dick on cowbell

The night of the party it rained but we put up a tarp and lit the fire and thanked the universe for the much needed downpour!  Now for the rest of the summer fun...stay tuned!!

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