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Here it is November and the Eastiside Culture Crawl is this weekend.  We open our studio doors to thousands of visitors for exhibitions, sales and lots of conversation.  About 450 artists in 80 buildings...get your walking shoes on!
November 19/20 5 to 10pm  Nov 21/22 11-6pm

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Arnt is showing these lovely table/stools.

I have 3 small assemblage series I am showing.

four pieces as part of "Framework"
"Stitched Collage" series..this is Qu'apelle Valley
Flight from the "Tin Box" series

Noise and On the Road from "Stitched Collage" series

To finish up the summer Arnt and I went sailing.  Usually we go with our friends who own another boat ERN but it was being worked on.  We went to visit the folks up in Storm Bay who have been a community for over 40 years.  Lots of seafood, conversation and laughter!  To get there we had to wait for the Skookumchuck Narrows to go slack.  It is a very dangerous place as you can see from the stats below!  We ended up going through at dusk and arrived in Storm Bay in the dark.  No problem as our friends called out to come to the deck for a night cap. 

Each day, tides force large amounts of seawater through the narrows—200 billion US gallons  of water on a 3-metre (9.8 ft) tide. The difference in water levels on either side of the rapids can exceed 2 metres (6.6 ft) in height. Current speeds can exceed 16 knots (30 km/h).

We also went to our favourite place Jedediah Island where we can anchor in Home Bay by ourselves because it dries out and we have bilge keels.  We then circumnavigated Lasqueti Island and had a couple anchorages to ourselves there as well.  Had to hole up in Pender Island for a couple days on the way home as the winds and waves were just too much for comfort.  It is only a 21 foot boat!


my 11 year old friend Ruby introduced me to the I am tied to Odin as the tide was going out taking in a bit of sun and keeping cool at the same time!
Arnt made me do it.

Arnt managed to get in a few fishing trips with his best pal Rob.  Here are a few photos of their trip down the Thompson River from Juniper Creek to Ashcroft. 

We spent the end of September in Tofino as it was our best pal's 50th.  She rented a cabin on Chesterman Beach and we got a lot of surfing, hanging and eating done.

our band photo
decorated for the party
we gave her a guitar for her birthday and so there was lots of music
Sharon's goal was to stand up on her board and she did!
 This sunset was out of hand!


went to the Rennie Gallery to see Lara Favaretto
gray confetti layered and eventually falls apart and the confetti is bagged and used in the next installation

 She also had this wonderful installation of car wash brushes and they would turn at different times.  She was inspired by the car factory in the town in Italy she is from.

This painting is a found painting which is then covered in pink string.  If you remove the string the piece becomes devalued.  Love the thinking behind this piece.  Also the suitcase is similar.  She goes  to the lost and found at the train station, buys a lost case, takes out some stuff and replaces with her stuff...the trick if you open the lock she has added it then is just a suitcase with stuff in it!

 Room filled with confetti and when the precisely placed fans blow it creates a mountain scape.

My friend organized a group of artists to visit Bowen Island, eat her mother-in-law's cakes, visit artists and galleries and end the day making art.

this tree was put back together in the size it would have been
  who creates metal works for sale and public installations

  This one comes apart and he took it to burning man one year.

 sweet little garden climber

his studio is in an old garage

this is a cashmere sweater factory that moved from Milan
what a knitting machine
finished product
a gallery was displaying these shapes which the artist then used as printing blocks
The same shapes were made and burned.

this used to be all trees until the beavers got there

the team...,, and

secret log which must be 100 feet long...see the gals on the end
making art...felting, paper cutting and collaging
giant dead tree propped up

 was on Granville Island and always have to stop and admire this work

Bau Xi Vancouver showed our friend Andy Petterson's lovely mixed media pieces

studio visit at with
..was one of the best visits as we took the time to hang out over the delicious
sushi lunch Isabelle provided and talked about everything!  Thanks ladies.

Her lovely cosy workshop.

detail of new the addition of balls on the end of the wire
The world of Querty .. this was a typewriter I got at a garage sale...
I have no idea how it got to be in this state
 detail of Querty

Isabelle got this piece from me at our artist's give away and definitely did it justice.

her showroom feels like going to the most exquisite museum.

this is her newest work and I LOVE it!

My mom Eleanor, sister Debra and brother-in-law Steve live in 108 Mile house so my brother, Arnt and I headed up for a visit.  Steve is one of the 6 generations of Walters from 100 Mile House.
So what do you do for an afternoon outing....shoot at things! 

setting up the targets far away

got to have exploding potatoes
pumpkin of course and beer can targets
and bad ass me!
no bad shots really
sorry pumpkin

Both my sister and Steve were in the military so they know how to break it down and clean it up.  Steve learned about guns while in elementary different than my schooling in Toronto! 

Now we sit around and talk about how cool that was!  Thanks for the great visit family.

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