Saturday, May 5, 2012

At Home in Holland

After a couple of hiccups we are finally in our new apartment.  The plane in London had "technical difficulties".  A bit unnerving to take off in a plane that you know that about but it was fixed and we were an hour behind.   We were pulled from the line in customs and almost were refused entry due to a technicality, but we made it.  Jet lag is not so bad but we needed a couple of days to just think about nothing after all the planning, packing, etc.  Our bikes are here and we are happy just to ride around shopping at out door markets, flea markets, watching boats and getting to know Amsterdam.  Our apartment is even better than we thought but alas not one piece of art on the walls (they are cement)....we will fix that somehow.  My studio is going to be set up in our large bedroom which opens up onto our deck.  I just have to get a table which will be a challenge on how to transport it here on a bike.  hmmm!  The following photos are some first impressions. 

Must get cheese!

For Evan

Souvineer Store

Flea Market Ball Gowns

How to move your stuff!

Rehearsal for symphony on a bridge..note floating audience seating.


Love those shutters.

Arnt too!

Outdoor market lunch purchases.


  1. I am going to enjoy keeping up with you from home. Looks so exciting. For now, I am off to do First Saturday!

  2. I think Arnt looks particularly handsome at the lunch table with a bottle of vino!! Not too sure if it is his good looks or the good looks of that crisp bottle of white that I am drawn too!! LOL!! There are some fantastic shots and I am really looking forward to your sabbatical.

    Cheers my Dears

  3. Have a blast! Sarolta and I will live this sabbatical vicariously.


  4. After a rough start on the plane, it looks like you've settled in beautifully! It looks fabulous, and the weather looks much better than here...still raining in Van. So jealous, and like everyone else, we will follow your journey vicariously! Hugs, Linda & Joe

  5. It looks like you're having a lovely time already, despite the technical difficulties. Looking forward to more updates.