Saturday, April 14, 2012

Taymor Industries Commission

Installed my commission of 4 big pieces for Taymor Industries corporate head office.  They started in the east side in 1948 and are still a family run business.  When the president told the employees that an installation of art was going to happen on Friday a couple of the employees asked what kind of paintings they would be.  She said you are going to be surprised.  They were!  Lots of great feedback and using their product was fun for them.  The head of the locks department said he could use my piece as a teaching tool.  I used basically the same product but made each piece individual for the separate departments.  
 I found the commission very challenging but so worth it.  I also want to acknowledge the help and support I had from my husband Arnt.  Some of the pieces were quite technical to assemble but with his expertise we figured it out.  Cutting faucets in half would not have happened without his experience. 
 When I showed the pieces at First Saturday Open Studios it was interesting to see who responded to which piece.  A lot of people recognized the progression in my work which is great for any artist to hear as it inspires one to create more art.  I am completely happy with this project.

Ode to Mondrian


Lock up your Mandala

Ode to Bill Thomson (they did not order this one but I could not resist!)


Faucets Department

Locks Department
Bathroom Department


  1. i love how you incorporated their products in such a playful manor yet kept your own identity
    how much of that has to do with assemblage
    really love it

  2. Love these pieces. They look fabulous installed!

  3. Great works, I regret didn't able to see the work before they go.