Monday, March 19, 2012

ARTWAY! taking a mixed media course with Denna Erickson.  My last class of 9 is tomorrow.  I went into the course wanting to know more about paint and how to get texture.  I definitely learned that.  I know some tricks for texture and I have now embraced the many colours of brown (for any of you who know me it is was not my favourite colour) and can now mix a few colours.   See my first two paintings below.  My next goal is to be able to sit in front of an old wall in Amsterdam and try to replicate it.  Will see how that all works out! 
 My commission of 4 large pieces is half way there.  Two done and other two designed and ready for assemblage.  I will be very nervous for the unveiling but pleased with my progress so far.  I will post photos of the final pieces here when they are finished.

Six weeks until our big move to Amsterdam for 6 months.  I will be reporting on our trip in my blog.  Going to try to do it once a week but every two weeks for sure

Artwork photos are all by me from my trip to Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.
Bells: 24" x 24" wood panel, plaster, paint, matte medium transfers,  matte varnish finish, glass marbles and urchin quills.
Hand: 16" x 16" wood panel, plaster, paint, pour medium transfers, metal snowflakes, encaustic finish (wax).


BELLS (detail)


HAND (detail)

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