Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Went on the second annual art retreat to Lasqueti Island, BC for a week. Stayed at one of the gals Mom's place right on the ocean for a week. Swimming, walking and eating lots of seafood was the order of the day. When not doing that we made art, read about art or talked about art. Five women working in all different mediums. I decided to challenge myself and paint. I prepped 6 canvasses and 3 panels. Of course being an assemblage artist I added another layer to everything. I learned lots and will use some techniques in work down the road. Paper mache was another material I took and made some bowls to hold the lovely small rocks I found on the beach. I like the intensiveness of working in another environment with other people around to challenge myself. We also did a couple of workshops for each other....one was drawing shadows of objects onto our drawing books...I found that very inspiring.

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  1. Nice photos! There is such a feeling in your pics, I love seeing what your eye captures.