Friday, September 24, 2010


                                           Graveyard at Church

                                                     Sami woman (Laplander)
                               Graveyard in Harstad
                                     Iron Cross
                                 Iron Cross (detail)
                                 Caring for the land....Arnt the Norwegian
                               The smallest summer cabin for four.
                               Tea at the smallest cabin
                             Let's get that boat in the water
                                 Launching at the beach
                                   cod fishing
                                   The full time house in Bremnes
                            Dishes at the ready for company
                              The apple does not fall from the tree...
                              a great uncle who was a furniture builder!
                          Second day of the wedding also involves music!
                                               The view!
                              Learning to bake bread.
                                      I think he is going to be a baker!
                             The 100 year old schoolhouse which is now a
                             studio for a composer.
                            The Viking Church where the wedding took place.
                                  The walls are 6 feet thick!
                                         Second day wedding party.
                                      A Viking grave.
                           The private museum of WW11 collections.
                            The Germans invaded Norway to watch Russia.
                     Dried cod on the way to market.
                Drying cod racks in Henningsvar, Lofoten Islands.
                  The Colin Archer we got to sail on.
               Public Art
            The new Opera House in Oslo.
          Opera House detail
          Painting Arnt loved!
           A tower that has a ramp all the way up...great view!
                 Cod drying racks.
           Reno'd fishing shacks and fish house.
           Personal stash of cod.
           A fixer upper!
           I love ladders!
            The way it used to be in Svolvaer
          A church for a 1000 fisherman!
          Sailing the Olso Fjord
         The Norwegian flag
           He must have one for our boat Odin.
          Great centerpiece at a restaurant in a artists building.
        The Rune Guneriussen installation at the old Electric Station.
         Detail of Rune's installation.
       This is an assemblage on its own and it was just tool storage.
       The electric company which is now artists studio spaces.
             Art in the hallways.
         Bergen's streetscape.
           The old houses in Bergen
               Bergen historical store.
            Bergen rooftops
            Bergen's military wall.
              Not sure but I loved it.
             Bergen's streetscape, a world heritage site.
          Maritime Museum
           Maritime Museum
             The original Viking Boats
           Viking Boat
               His ancestors.
             Bergen's neighbourhood.
             Bergen graffiti
              National few photos.

           Oslo Opera House
           Oslo newstand
             I love hands.
           Before wallpaper...all hand painted.
            Viking jewelry
                I love this photo...great hands.

Went to Norway, Denmark and Holland this year and here are the Norwegian photos.  The rest to follow.  We went for a family wedding.  Arnt's family live 200 miles north of the arctic circle so flew up to Narvik and rented a car with his younger brother and his wife.  Went to the fab 2 day wedding, drove to the Lofoten Islands and lots of family time.  Attended a concert by his cousin in the new Opera House in Oslo.  Sailed in a Colin Archer sailboat belonging to a family friend.  Took the train over the mountain from Oslo to Bergen and back.  Bergen is a world heritage town.  Saw lots of maritime museums and art galleries.  Mostly spent a lot of time with friends and family and enjoyed their lovely hospitality.  Highly recommend a visit to this country!

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  1. great shots. looks like a really cool trip. nothing like the good old days...