Thursday, February 28, 2013


I am opening my studio with other artists for First Saturday Open Studios....check out for the list of artists participating this month.  I will show my six Ceremonial Blankets which I made and showed in Amsterdam last Oct on my sabbatical.  My hours are noon to 5pm on March 2. 

wool, buttons
wool, felt

I also wanted to share with you a bit of history.  I went with my husband Arnt  on my first day of urban logging.  He cuts fir, cherry, birch, chestnut, alder or oak logs that have either blown down or been cut down by the city and has been doing this for over 20 years.  He then dries them for one and half years before they can be used.  Check out the amazing furniture he creates from these slabs of wood.  The other day he found a birch log and I went along to help.

making the plan of best way to cut the 8 foot log
Arnt's invention on how to use the alaska mill saw on your own
9 beautiful planks which will become furniture
When I first met Arnt we were both treeplanters.  I planted for 5 years and Arnt for 6 years and between us we planted 1,500,000 trees.
My friend Doug Cowell (freelance photographer who specializes in forestry and treeplanting) took this photo of me in 1987, the year of my final contract in Fernie, BC.
photo by:  Doug Cowell   1987

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  1. Do you ever age?? Just as beautiful then as you are now.
    Thanks for sharing.