Thursday, July 10, 2014


I was taken to Europe by two of my lovely friends Lee and Phil.  Lee was going to a conference with 3000 midwives in Prague and they invited me to go along.  Can't begin to say how grateful I was to be on this trip.  We went to Prague and Berlin.  I am splitting my post in two so starting with Prague and it is mostly visuals but there are a lot of them divided into categories.

Prague has been a political, cultural, and economic centre of central Europe with waxing and waning fortunes during its 1,100-year existence.  During world war 2 a lot of buildings escaped bombing so architecturally it is a wonderful place to visit.  It is also the city with the most statues I have ever seen.  They are in squares, parks and on almost every building.  Also the music is amazing with concerts held in beautiful old palaces and government buildings.

 my photographs from the most beautiful city!

Busking taken to another level!
I went to a couple of classical concerts in old palaces.
Who has two tubas in a band?
I wish this was a video because they were amazing especially the violinist.


An air vent.

heart on a squat
still a few squats around fighting the gentrification

this was inside the old palace...not sure if it is old graffiti or what
says it all!
the sensitive anarchist

restaurant embraced the grafitti


this boat had live jazz and went through the locks

CAFES AND FOOD.....a lot of time in Europe is spent at cafes eating, drinking, resting and people are a few of my favourite...

Bar Prosecco!

love this with the old fashioned swings
Phil and I taking a break

Arnt would love this one

on the river at Bar Prosecco
daily market with trinkets and food

almost too beautiful to eat
some kind of donut made over a charcoal fire
potatos with a twist
My appy on the Jazz pate and yummy berries with prosecco of course!
main course... chicken in a scrumptious sauce with potato tart

on the train to Berlin with our picnic
JEWISH HISTORY......I learned a lot about the Jewish culture at this centre which had a cemetery, a memorial building, 3 synagogues and a museum.

the museum next to the cemetary
the armband they had to wear
the hamaca the men wear
fell in love with these spice boxes
this building is a synagogue and all the walls are a memorial to the lost
detail of the wall to the lost
this large art piece was actually in Berlin and you walk on it and the sound provokes thoughts
this synagogue is all hand painted and so beautiful
the dome
The cemetary has 12,000 tombstones but over 100,000 people are buried here.  It is a beautiful and haunting place.

Love the shrine
detail of the shrine where people leave small stones and coins
detail of the shrine where people leave messages for their loved ones stuffed into small cracks of my passions is looking at all kinds of architecture and this city is stuffed full of wonderful buildings...

Our apartment
the painting on the top of our apartment
lobby of our apartment

entrance to the old town
amazing bronze of the flag
the old square
old square
the palace where I saw one of the closed the next day for 5 years for renos
view from the palace
from the street you might not notice....
but up on top it is all decorated
Grand Hotel receiving some renos and lovely paint job
love the water feature for these buildings

and then there are the cobblestone alley ways.....

this guy was dusting and washing the building
this is the building...Ministry of Industry
dome on top
one of the more severe buildings
this is a plain jane building but...

it has statues
a modern bulding on the edge of town
squats are still around and fighting to stay
just add an umbrella and presto...interesting!
the old palace's cathedral
love those roofs and arches
the church where the nuns lived
beautiful arches all painted up
this was the grand hall in the palace
cool roof on an out building
abandoned abbey
the abbey

I just love the red tile roofs in Europe
we saw this from the winery of the palace...a rock garden apparently
castle on the way to Berlin
new bridges
old bridges (the dome on the left is a private home...if I had to live in Prague I am just saying!

Frank Gehry's Fred and Ginger Dancing Building...I do stalk him a bit and try to see all his buildings.  It is the first new building in Prague in 50 years...very controversial
renderings for the building
more renderings
the restaurants lovely hand painted chairs

the dome
here I am on the patio enjoying a glass of prosecco
                           The Charles Bridge has 30 statues mounted on is rails



The Charles Bridge has 30 statues mounted on the rails

below a statue...people touch it and say a prayer and it stays shiny
outside our apartment was a fountain with 6 statues
also in the same tiny park

crazy amount of statues in this square with 2 churches and a gate to a bridge

                                                   these are at the old palace cathedral....

                                                                   back in town....

                                                      back at the Ministry of Industry.....

the plainest statue we saw
Phil and I could not resist...
I can see us in stone or bronze...


                        The Dancing Building has an art gallery and this is the show that was there..

these animal paintings are giant and very vibrant

seeing this series is very powerful especially when you are a pacifist

a cafe's mural with an extra person
pissing contest???
small modern pieces of art are on buildings as well
another art piece in the wall
under restoration but I like it as is
lovely painting of saint with a house in her arms
this whole ante room in the palace cathedral was chock-o-block with paintings
loved this artist's work...Ivan Lutterer work from the 70's to 2001 photoed on the classic wooden 18 x 24cm camera
detail from above photo

marketry on a table at the design museum
art piece in the foyer of the library

lovely litttle folk art piece
art in our apartment
the park outside our apartment



same same but different
Prague is famous for its glass
if I lived in the snow...

Yep all the beer you can drink while you soak
locks on the bridge
how true
Phil can almost put this van in his pocket
just cause I love hands
I been working on the.....
you can take city tours in these wonderful old cars
love this poster
classy pepsi ad
3 midwives..Philippa (right) is from Holland and Lee trained with her many years ago and Muriam lives in Israel...great night of stories from the gals...Philippa worked in Africa as a midwife when she was a young woman
she was just too perfect...had to take her pic

he is perfect too but in a different way
changing of the guard parade
changing of the guard
protest at the palace gates
ceramic heating system in the old palace
wine at the palace winery
electric trams
the boot for illegal parking
                                                                   some advertising....

these work trucks can also go on the tram tracks
view from the train to Berlin
big crosses at the other cemetery
postering in a different way
wanted these shoes just for the heels and lots of spikes
it was just lying on the road
                                                                         the market....

thought about Arnt surfing off Odin on the west coast

Thanks for sharing my trip....Berlin will be posted in a few weeks....Valerie


  1. I so enjoyed my vicarious trip to Prague...and the prosecco. Many thanks.

  2. OMG This is completely fabulous!! Gotta get there for sure now. Thanks for all the time and effort to put this together. You have a great eye and touch on all the things I would want to see.