Monday, November 10, 2014


This fall has been full of lots of events and mostly lovely weather.  Here are a few things we went to and some coming up:

June Yun had a show at  which is on the main floor of a fabulous hotel with the rooms decorated by local aboriginal artists like Jerry Whitehead.

June in front of her paintings

loved this installation

handmade paper and her first time using a handsaw

some of the panels were painted on or had real flowers imbedded
the leaves are real as well
More paintings by June....

Jerry Whitehead was also in the same show....

this is the communal kitchen of the hotel

this is the hangout spot for the hotel

HOT ART WET CITY hosts a HAWC social last Wednesday of the month.  You bring a small art or craft project, have a glass of wine and trade stories with the other makers.

Below are some of the projects on the go....

paper cutting
jewelry making with buttons
comic book making
collage sewing
petit point
decorating her shoe
reclaimed wool and jewelry making
drawing and ink painting
leather work
costume making
I love riding my bike on the seawall and always stop at the Olympic Village square and check out Myfanwy MacLeod's "The Birds" built by Heavy Industries out of Calgary.

The EASTSIDE CULTURE CRAWL is coming November 20-23, 2014.  Come by the studio and see some of my new work.   There is a preview show at the Cultch where I have this piece.  It is up until December 7th. There are about 20 artists.
Arnt also has a show until November 15 at at 1515 West 6th Ave at Granville.  He also has some new work ready for the Crawl.  One more thing happening before the Crawl is Hot Talks at curated by Rachel Ashe and featuring 8 Crawl artists talking about their art practice.  You can buy a ticket online or at the door by donation and have a glass of wine, sit back and be inspired!

Here are a few of my new pieces to be featured at the Crawl.  I used a lot of Nye's Foundry wood patterns in this series.  Was such a fun series to work on.

Went to our annual Strathcona Surf Club Party at Jayne and Vincent's and the kids invented "surfing down the stairs on a bean bag chair"

 My dear friend Anthony passed away 8 months ago and his wife Miriam, with the help of some friends, started a foundation "the Anthony Dell'Orto Memorial" which will award up and coming students in the VCC Culinary Arts program.  Anthony taught at this school and was a chef most of his life.  We celebrated with prosecco, wine and a 5 course meal created and served by the students, some of whom got credits for the evening and some just volunteering.  There was a slide show with some priceless photos of Anthony and a silent auction. What a wonderful way to honour our lovely friend.  You can donate through the website...

I had never been to the of Canadian Art, 2121 Lonsdale Ave at 21st in North Vancouver.  We went and heard an artist talk by Robert Young and then a performance by Triology Jazz Trio surrounded by paintings and sculpture by some of our Canadian artists like Ian Wallace, Attila Lukacs, Rodney Graham, Douglas Copeland, Bill Reid, Jack Shadbolt and of course Gordon Smith.  They have 500 pieces in their collection and are set up to teach kids about art. 
They have regular performances and is a lovely gallery....Check it out!

I love instagram and can be followed at arntzenvalerie ... it is all about the visuals!

As always thanks for stopping by.....Valerie

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