Monday, May 16, 2016


May has been almost summer with some hot days, bike rides, walking in the hood and barbecues on the deck.  Our water restrictions start soon as it is going to be a long hot summer.  Saw quite a bit of art and visited some studios over the last couple of months and been making art too.


this is in our community gardern
my friend Lesia came to visit from Toronto and my bro Glenn and I took her to see one of the Ken Lum pieces in our neighbourhood, the scaled down Vancouver Special. 
The other is the EastVan sign.

a few of the houses in our neighbourhood

 we often take our boat ODIN into False Creek for dinner
last time we were there the "420" cannibis festival was 
happening and Sunset Beach was packed


The visit to White Monkey Studios was quite special as it was also our first studio in Vancouver in the 1980's.  We worked as a group to make this a viable and affordable artist studio building under the guidance of DEEDS.  Booth Milton is still there and runs a successful company for high quality props for movies and commmercials.  A little trip down memory lane for us. 
White Monkey Studios
the door to our old studio and Arnt with one of Booth's ray guns
 our old studio

Booth also collects and restores motorcycles

his specialty is rockets and ray guns

Paneficio Studios
Lori Sokoluk had a studio sale of works under glass for
Arnt Arntzen tarted up his 60 year old bandsaw with a paint job and new case for the motor belts.

Parker Street Salon had their annual open studios

 Lucas Wolf's paintings and studio

Kari Kristensen's lovely prints and her studio

 Kris G Brownlee and her playful paintings

 Lori Goldberg ... I love her canoes

Deborah Bakos's new cold wax oil paintings are superb 
she has a show June 9 at

Sonya Iwasiuk in her studio

 Mariam Aroeste looks right at home in her fabulous new studio

 she even has a door to the rooftop for a sunny break

"Eat Your Veggies" at Studio 126

went to see my friend Shannon Harvey in this show and loved lots of the other artists work
Shannon Harvey
Various Artists

Daniel Laskarin
so great to see some assemblage on display

Vancouver Art Gallery
welcome wall to the show
I wish this Picasso was on my wall!

love these collages

not my favourite Joseph Cornell's but great to see 4 of his pieces
he also had a couple drawings in the show
crazy sound filled a room


Warhol's giant screenprinting process

great installation in the stairwell



more collages I love

Tom Dixon assemblage chairs

Brian Jungen

one of my favourite rooms

nice bunny
music room that made lights go on in vacuum cleaners, lamps, etc
who does not LOVE a tarp room
I can see this in my house

 love these collages 

 The Capture Festival

The Franc Gallery was showing photographer Karen Zalamea
this large photo curled up on itself was quite arresting

  Merle Addison at

Wendy D's 10 year project "Scream" at Mainspace Gallery

 Jones Gallery
photographer Erin O'Keefe
 she also does a bit of sculpture
she sets up pieces of plexi and painted plywood and photographs them

Winsor Gallery
photographer Brian Howell
 I love both his Shopping Cart series and his Barrier Fire in the Winter series

 Ross den Otter 
built a 4' x 10' pinhole camera and did a portrait project
I am 5th over from his elbow..ha ha

MAY 8, 1952 birthdate
My friends Lee and Phil took us out to dinner at the Fairmont Pacific Rim restaurant.  Yum Yum!
My friends Rob and Sharon took us to the VAG to see Mash Up and lunch on the patio of the Gallery Cafe.  Arnt made me a lovely dinner with Rika's homemade ravioli.  My gift from him was a lovely table he made from a porthole for my lounger on the deck.  Later in the week my bro Glenn took me out for coffee and snacks at Finches and my gal pal Pauline took me for lunch at the Heatley in Strathcona, which I had not been to and their huevos rancheros were delicious!

*Art wise I am working on a new series which I am very excited about.  It is called "Tools of the Trade" and I already have holds on 3 of them and they are not even finished.  I am also doing some water colour painting and ink doodling which has bee really fun.
*A group of 8 of us artists have started an art collective.  We will be helping each other in our art practice goals and struggles, going to shows together and having speakers come to our meetings.  Really looking forward to it.   
 * is going gangbusters.  We have over 60 artists in North Vancouver, Vancouver and New Westminster
*I am on 20 of 52 collages for the year and so love doing them.  Some have sold which is great.

this is the first one of the "Tools of the Trade" series

here is one of my collages (sold)
I made this temporary piece for Cinco de Mayo for "Window Dressing" at AMP Studio

Mia Weinberg visiting First Saturday and I am showing her my process for "Tools of the Trade"
T shirt yarn ready for a new sculpture
                        Congratulations to Karli and Dick on the spread in the Georgia Straight
hey that is me visiting on my bike!

            that is it for now...thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your spring/summer!

lovely tree stump out in Maple Ridge

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