Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The photos above are from a show I did under AMP with two other artists Leesa & Sharon. The show was called Framework and other than the three of us agreeing is was about architecture we did not see each others work until we came together to hang it. We all did different takes on the theme but all the work could hang together. This is the third annual show I have done with these two women and we always pick a new theme. I chose to take photos in my neighborhood so all pics were taken within 10 blocks of my studio. When I looked at different buildings especially in the light industry area I was inspired by the contrast of the use of different mediums used in the same construction, whether it was rocks, metal, wood, paint, etc. The photos were printed out on water colour paper and then overlaid with words on a transparency. Finding the right words that matched each photo was a challenge. Each piece was then joined together using rivets and then framed. I liked hanging them in pairs as I thought most of them worked together as a set but some like PLANK stand on their own.

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