Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is an exciting month as I have my first public art up at the Union Gospel Mission in their new building on Hastings Street.  Photos of the build are below.  I also have a couple group shows:  Connecting the Dots at the Five Sixty Club ...560 Seymour Oct 1/2 and The Retro Show Oct 15/16.

I am also going on a two week trip with my gal pal Dev to Santa Fe to visit a couple other gal pals!  Lots of art, music, the hot air balloon show in Albuquerque, corn dance at the Taos Pueblo, and a few days on Route 66 in Arizona.  
NOTE:  November I will be in and

Earlier this year Arnt and I received an email asking if the UGM knew anyone who makes crosses out of found objects.  I immediately responded and asked Arnt if he would help.  We had a meeting and here is the project!  Our first collaboration and my first public art piece.

The column is from an east van house

Cut the column in half

scrapping the paint off

we want to leave some paint on for that distressed look

we will do two crosses and show one at the Crawl

we are capping it with a pattern piece from Nye's Foundry on Powell

The cross piece has to be Arnt is using chain

a hammer is used for a different look

finally sanding out some stress patterns

here it is put together

we are using this cloth as a model for our cloth of copper

we start with flat copper

we need to crinkle it up to start the folds

here it is crinkled

we now have to open it up and fine tune the folds

mocking up how it will hang

measurements are good but looks a bit like a garland

starting the patina process to make it verdigris

we used a taiga torch and chemicals

fine tuning the colours

This should work

Close up of the copper cloth

The finished Cross


  1. Awesome work!! XO Janna

  2. You guys are amazing! So cool to see the pictures of the process. How clever....Joe and I both love the finished product! Can't wait to go down and have a look at the UGM's new addition. Well done, and a giant pat on the back for both of you!

  3. Sweet and stunning!

    I want that "garland" to wear as a scarf this winter... can you please have Arnt bang it into a shape that looks like I'm walking straight into a head wind?

  4. It's beautiful Val. I can't wait to see it in person.

  5. I love the cross Valerie ,and congrat and colaborating with your hubbie ....
    Trust me I know it is not always easy .....