Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Spent two weeks with 3 gal pals I have known for over 35 years in Santa Fe, NM.  I have lots of pics below and will also post a separate section on Route 66.  New Mexico is one of those places I pine for....the land, the food and the art.  Went to some art openings, lots of galleries, great food and got out of the city a bit. Here are some highlights....

Door to our casa

Our host is a metal worker so the following pics are the decoration around the place.

A few fall nature photos.

Opening at a new gallery.

On the design Crawl with a stop at Tom Dixon

Pecos Pueblo where the Spanish and the Indans lived.

A Kiva for their ceremonies.

On the door of the museum

Pottery found at Pecos.

Lots of religious symbols everywhere in SF.

Built in the wall of a private home.

She is new and imported from Mexico.  Held up at the border and searched. True story!

I always visit the Stupa.

Typical way of building around a court yard.




Chili pepper time

Tequila Time

Sculpture around SF

Local kids style

Aluquerque balloon festival

Folkart Museum

One man's collection from all over the world

Was left in the trash after funeral and he rescued it...all beaded!

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