Saturday, October 13, 2012


Thanks to my friend Bill Thomson who organized the Burnaby event,  I got hooked up to the Amsterdam group of the Bird Art Installation Project.  This was the brain child of Ed Hanssen and took place on October 7, 2012 all over the world.  Some of the places were Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Antwerp, Vancouver, Burnaby, Macedonia, Tokyo, Oregon to name a few.

When I first arrived in Amsterdam I made a cardboard piece called Tower of Bird.  This is the piece I took to Marten Luther King Park and met up with about 20 artists.

The hosts Ellen and Eric had chosen a wonderful tree for hanging up all our art and also let us use their wonderful house boat.  They also supplied two wonderful soups.

 The following are a few of the art pieces that I photographed.

We had a wonderful potluck and lots of fantastic conversation about life and art!  Thanks to all the artists who made Arnt and I feel so welcome.

Once food was done we all folded paper airplanes designed by Eric and tried to fly them the farthest.  Unfortunately mine was folded a bit crooked and did not fly that well.  Arnt folded his in the traditional way and his did very well.

Afterward we continued on a great bike trip to Amstelveen on that beautiful sunny crisp day!

they belong together
wonderful gazebo tea house
another windmill
grand old house
wierd and wonderful
Arnt going over an old bridge
thatched house
thatched garage
tea beside the farm field with Kenny the dog
bought our green hallowe'en pumpkin from the farm
wild pheasant
interesting parking job!
inviting road on the ride

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