Sunday, October 28, 2012


Well we are winding down but also running around trying to see those important must sees we have missed.  Art galleries, towns, canal rides and most importantly, final visits with our friends here.

Our final canal ride and some of the sites on this trip.

Playground on the canal
What and why this is, I do not know!
cottage on the canal
boat yard
abandoned lumberyard wind mill
a really big boat for these canals
went down our canal
view of our apartment from our neighbour's boat
blue house boat and our apartment building...will miss it!
blue house boat interior
Cynthia painting her boat
this is in the city!
100 year old boat
5 year old boat built the old way
Fall is the time for the new cultural season in Amsterdam.  It is celebrated with dance and theatre festival and new shows at the galleries.  So we hopped on our bikes and went to see a lot of small galleries, the royal palace which had a show of emerging artists and a church which was showing Andy Warhol's Last Supper in Pink.
Too cute!
book matched mahogany doors in the trash...broke his heart
portrait of me by Arnt
the old art deco Tschinsky movie house..saw To Rome with Love and yes that is prosecco and popcorn!!
lovely room in a small art gallery
the royal palace was having a show of emerging artists
royal palace rooms all had great ceilings, rugs and wall paper
film at the photography museum
great cow photo
not sure how he did it photo!
lovely colours in this photo
this is all miniature sets and then photographed
love laundry paintings
amazing choir screen with Warhol's pink silkscreen in the back
the circus is in the middle of Amsterdam for a while
house boat in the fall
went to a small art gallery to hear our friend Maartsj play violin
Our dear friend Piet Hein took us to the most amazing Art Museum called Kroller Muller just outside Utrecht.  Helene Kroller-Muller and her husband Anton Kroller had an incredible collection.  She started by taking an art appreciation course with H.P. Bremmer and her first painting purchase was Train in a Landscape by Paul Gabriel.  She then started collecting madly with Van Gogh as her personal favourite...paintings, sculpture and installations.  She is now a personal hero of mine.  When the economic crisis hit in the 1920/30's she donated her entire collection to the Dutch State as a precaution against it being divided up and sold.  The agreement was they had to erect a building to house the art on the land she donated.  
When you arrive at the entrance you are given the choice to drive or bike to the museum.  We biked the 16 km through some beautiful landscape of dunes, grass fields and wonderful forests.   

ride to the museum through grass fields
then forest
lots of different mushrooms

trees in grass field
lovely colours





 this section of the Sculpture Garden dealt with housing


 There are huge and small sculptures everywhere
Piet Hein dressed for the Jean Dubuffet
this is a small sculpture building
I like this modification of a shipping container
all kinds of art cars

Arnt and I were quite taken with this sculptor Barbara Hepworth

this was a lovely installation in the forest...could not find name of artist
Claes Oldenburg
Our friends Evold and Marianne took us to Haarlem for the day for lunch and art.  One place we had a great time in was an old fashioned barber shop.  The guy even had spats on.  He only did shaves and used a straight razor.  Unfortunately the men had both shaved that morning so they did not get to experience it but got great instructions on how to get the best shave.

Haarlem has the Gateway to Amsterdam
great old building for this art gallery..check out the beams and floor planks
Evold and Marianne
The old brewery in Haarlem
always a bicycle...this one was won by this neighbourhood


  1. So much to love! The doors in the trash! The houseboat with the green piano. my favorite painting in the entire world -- in person -- cafe at night! What a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. So wow! Stunning places and art works! Thanks again for posting.

  3. It's been an absolute delight visiting the Netherlands with you Valerie. I'll miss these posts. Thank you.

    1. One last one just posted..thanks for following...I miss Holland but love being home as well...