Monday, January 7, 2013


After the Crawl I was at a bit of a loss of where to start.  So I decided to re-organize my studio.  I went through every box and as an assemblage artist and collector it was a big job.  But I looked at everything, got rid of things I will not use, bought a couple more bookcases and ended up rearranging my work space.  My studio mate Sharon liked it so much she changed her work table as well.  It is amazing what just changing the way your work table is oriented can do to your space and work habits.  The studio feels larger and less least to me anyway!


The rest of December was spent catching up with family, friends and going to some kick ass Xmas parties.  Some with live music, fab food and of course great people. 
Donald, Zuban, Arnt and Paul

Went on tour with Late Thaw to Mayne Island with Arnt drumming.  Was a blast with dinners, the gig and the after party.  Ag Hall was packed and lots of people dancing.

Bruce, Warren, Kate and Simon of Late Thaw
In the back Arnt drumming.

We had a very special family visit with our nephew Miles Arntzen coming from New York to visit us on his own for the first time.  Some of the family took him snowshoeing for the first time and a family dinner at our house with the nephews and nieces.  One funny thing that happened at the dinner for the under 30's was my ipod developed a glitch and the only way we could play music was on our 78 record player.  It was a hit!!  The reason Miles was here: on tour with a band he is the drummer for.  Lots of family and friends came to see Antibalas and we danced until 1am!  Even my 85 year old father in law stayed to the end.                    

Nephew Miles

Xmas was spent on Gabriola with family and friends.  Dinner and caroling at my mother and father in laws with the talented Arntzen family.

Bonfires and full moon at the cabin and of course lots of turkey, trimmings and drink! 

One friend that we always get together with is Tony Grove, painter, shipwright and furniture maker.  Check out his latest project which is restoring:  “Dorothy”  the oldest sailing vessel in the Pacific Northwest and also said to be the oldest vessel in Canada that has been in continuous use. She is a 30ft Gaff cutter (sloop) built in the James Bay Boatyard, Victoria BC, in 1897.

Moonrise on Gabriola
Lloyd Arntzen
Tony Grove
Evan, Arnt and Arnt at Tony's shop
Dorothy with a few missing planks

Well the only thing left on 2012 is to celebrate New Years Eve!  We had an amazing raclette dinner of fresh veg, steak, chicken, prawns and cheese with dear friends, Karli and Dick.  It was just the four of us but we celebrated till 2:30 am with champagne, cooking together, drumming in the new year on the deck and dancing. 

the cooking team
all lined up and ready for the raclette

ART wise I have only done one project since coming back and that is the sketchbook project which I call "Holland by Art".   I took some of my photos and stories of art I saw in Holland and created a travelogue.

front cover
one of 16 pages called PILES
another page called SEALIFE

This year we also added to our art collection with several new pieces.
This is a painting of our boat Odin at Unwin Lake up the coast by Sibeal Foyle of West Vancouver.  I bought it for his birthday.

We also bought four pieces when on our trip in Europe.  One by Rob van der Schoor of Amsterdam

and one by Eric Knoote of Amsterdam

and two by Millie Balance of England

she made this one for me
We also bought a vintage photo of a Dragon sail boat, an enameled vintage sign and an old oil painting of a classic Dutch sailing scene.

We are off for a little sun in Mexico, and just want to wish everyone all the best for 2013! 

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  1. So much fun! Wish we could be there in Mexico with you!