Sunday, April 7, 2013


We lost one of our elders in the family.  Art was 90 and had a great life with our Aunt Bev for 30 years.  He will be missed.  The funeral was in Kamloops and several of us made our way up there on the Coquihalla Route.  Fabulous vistas and tall peaks still covered in snow.  We attended a very nice service to say goodbye with great stories, music, tears and laughter.  Art was in the second world war so the legion did a Last Post ceremony which was wonderful.  

We all stayed at the hotel called The Plaza hotel.  I highly recommend it...Paul the manager is awesome.  It turned out our cousin Fain was playing at the hotel that night with a band called Doc and the Disorderlies.  We all had a great dinner and then the music started.  Two guitars, one banjo and Fain sang and played the washboard.  Soon some of the family, two nephews, husband, brother-in-law and father-in-law were up there playing along.  Was a great night seeing them all play together.

Doc and the Disorderlies

The whole gang

Fain of the lovely voice

The additions

After a family breakfast Arnt and I headed north towards Barriere.  We found a fabulous antique store there, with farm equipment, vehicles and a variety of other things.  Arnt bought a vintage chainsaw for his tool museum and I bought three silks, which were collector items found in cigarette packages to encourage customer loyalty. 

This is the landscape after the 2003 fire that burned up lots of Barriere
lovely old push mower

furrow maker

great paint job

working farm's barn

Arnt's tool museum

New addition to chainsaw
silk with image of George V of England
silk with image of Shi Kai of China

silk with image of Carranza of Mexico
We arrived in 108 Mile Ranch in the the Caribou where my Mom, sister and brother-in-law live for an Easter turkey dinner.  They cooked it on a spit over the barbeque.  Very delicious.  My brother-in-law's family came and his Mom brought most of the food.  The weather was fantastic so we sat outside for the afternoon.  The next day we went on a bike ride before heading south down the Fraser Canyon.   The views were outstanding and the water was rushing. 

Me, Mom, Sister Debra and bro-in-law Steve

The Thomson River
Birch or Aspen trees
most lakes are still frozen...this is Green Lake...I am in flip flops
Only in the Caribou
nice old house in Clinton

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