Saturday, April 20, 2013


Google contacted me saying I should upgrade my you tube channel.  Funny thing is I had forgotten I had one.  Anyway it inspired me to open it up and add those videos that we had taken on our travels and some music we had seen.  Check it out...there are some fun ones.

I went to visit my friend Siobhan Humston  who is on a residency at the ranger station in Harrison Hot Springs, BC for one year.  The building has an art gallery downstairs which she helps with and is right on the lake.  She had also been on a residency in New York for a month earlier in 2012.  I went with two other artists:  Mary Anne Tasheshi and Rachael Ashe  

Once we finished our great lunch we explored the studio spaces.  I love the way Siobhan uses her space.  I had been in another space she had and I had the same feeling.  Following are a few pics of her studio and work.  She will be having a show at the Ranger Station Gallery in June 2013 and Rachael will be there in July.  

the music space

most artists have sketchbooks for drawings, notes and clippings
good use of the low windows and sloping roof
drawings and paintings in different stages for the June show

small studies which can be shown as a group

great example of her use of space...drawing area tucked in the corner
being organized helps the working process
more organized storage
as a painter, brushes clean and at the ready are essential
I believe this piece was made at her NY residency but might be in the show
Siobhan has this ongoing project where she collected everything she could not recycle from Jan 1-Dec 31, 2012.  She will make a sculpture at some point out of it.  Her thinking is that the substrate cannot be made from something that is not recyclable.  A work in progress.

love this little workshop space
here are some pieces from the recycle project

another work in progress from recycle project
she is also an avid sewer from bedspreads, clothing, dolls and much more
great little ribbon organizer
sun came out so time for a walk around the lake
these are the tanks where the hot spring water comes from
Mary Anne driving us home with the mountains out of the skylight.
Was a great day and very inspiring.  Thanks for sharing Siobhan, Rachael and Mary Anne.


  1. I didn't even notice you taking the car photo, Val! Agree, it was an amazing day and I'm enjoying seeing the day from everyone else's POV's. I especially love your photo of the mossy water pipes, takes me right back to the forest hike!

  2. It was such a terrific day, and I am so glad I could share it with the three of you wonderful friends.

    Now we just need Mary Anne's blog post to make an appearance.