Friday, September 13, 2013


Best weather ever!  Not a drop of rain for 2 months.  So the second part of my summer vacation was spent camping on the west coast of Vancouver Island, visiting artists in Washington, sailing, biking, having picnics and ended with two milestones LOT'S OF PHOTOS!!!

Our annual camping trip to Long Beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island for the fifth annual Strathcona Surf Contest.  We camp with Dori and Dustin but are joined at the campsite and contest with anywhere from 8 to 12 others.  Arnt won the trophy this year.

Get your board!

have grill ready

have lots of wood

bring your bike

set up camp



more music

share your instruments

pack up your board for the beach ride

bring the girl surfers

Judge Dori taking names and setting up categories

everyone is ready to go!

Strathcona Surf Club


Bertrand saying goodbye to his trophy

costumes are a category

Chef Board R D


she surfed in this dress

dueling chefs

big banana


judge sizing us up and we are off

everyone has their own style

am I having enough fun

SSC team photo

Arnt designed the T's.  Sent Ken Lum thank you for inspiration and he emailed back "Happy Surfing"

boys brought the bar with drinks called "sex on the beach"

awww!  to the surf gods!

bring on the dancing girls

happy surfers

some continue playing

others chill

Beckly made the fire

now she is chillaxing

taco night at our camp

Julien and Marie Claude are having a taco off

Arnt is the winner of the day by standing on his head on his board and also surfing facing backwards!

moved camp to Uke

Dori's camp

Dustin's office

Beckly's office

will the surf come up? or do we start eating?

Beckly checking her email
Arnt loves his new barbecue

Arnt manning the Q

Arnt and Dori menu

Arnt grilling again

Dori whipping up the veg

nothing like grilled corn
Tofino's waterfront getting a great makeover

car of Tofino

the day's catch

do not leave your groceries or coolers unattended
take time to walk in the woods

Bye Bye see you all next year!
 Our friends from LA, Ca and Santa Fe, NM have a cottage in La Connor, Washington.  The timing was right to pay them a visit.

Arnt, Kent & Norma

La Connor industry

Now an art gallery
La Connor has Norwegians

baby birds over the doorway
Lucky Dumpster-half thrift-half art gallery

art gallery

active wood mill


fishing shack on the river

fishing shack on the river

beautiful barns in the valley with Mount Baker backdrop...I photographed a lot of them and will make a book

 Heidi's studio

a little of her amazing garden

 explaining her process
 painter, drawer & printmaker

Arne's studio (now deceased but his partner keeping it alive)
Arnt was loving the space and the tools

one of his sculptures

Kent's studio and a few of his paintings

then there was performance art

my partner in crime

lovely sunset over the valley

Our yearly sailing trip on Odin with Rob and Sharon on ERN.  Even though our motor died (I mean it is now an anchor) we finished our trip with sailing when we could and being towed by by ERN when there was no wind.

ERN under sail

rafted up at Sargent Bay

Arnt meditating

Arnt chilling

nice rock organization

full moon at 5am


also abandoned

nice metal work

how does this tree grow

baby seal abandoned over night while Mom went fishing..she came back!

Sharon taking the dogs to shore

Alice relaxing

boys fishing


ling cod and spot sprawn soup caught by us and cooked by Rob

being towed

dinner on the beach

final night at Codfish Cod

apple pancakes by Arnt

Arnt ordering up our new motor

End of our summer vacation meant we were in Vancouver for most of August which we are usually still away.  So we spent many days on our bikes around the city.  Some cool events we noticed were:  6 pianos were placed around the city and anyone could play.  Saw some amazing performances.  See  for one evening piano performance.  Outdoor movies, music & picnics were all good.  

35 years together and 20 years in our wonderful home and studios!!

We celebrated by having a few couples over for music and dinner on the deck.  Our friends are an important part of our treasure trove of memories.    for one of their pieces.
Thanks all for catching up with us after the on to the fall activities!

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