Friday, November 8, 2013


Was a very busy fall, full of art galleries, design show, taught a workshop, a great play and turkey!    Also just in…. something major I did not plan for!!!!

First off if you get the chance to see this play anywhere in the world check out “Six Guitars” a one man show by Chase Padgett.  He is trying to get a show in NYC. 

Have seen some great shows around town this past couple of months.  Lots of these shows are part of the first annual city wide photography show in Vancouver.  They have a fantastic catalogue.  

Equinox is showing paintings and collages by Gordon Smith.  He is 94 and the show was almost sold out.  The reno they have done is absolutely fabulous.  Andy gave Sally and I a private tour which included his office.

Gordon at work
Kimoto the new gallery on 6th at Granville is showing  Mel Yap a young photographer.  I love his take on Vancouver.  He prints on metallic paper which makes the photos really pop.  The book of his work is wonderful and he is also going to include a download of some of his music with the book.

Ewan McNeil’s new paintings are at 1965 Main Street. with more details also on facebook.   Fantastic monochromatic paintings.  Sally could not believe they were not photos and she is a photographer. 
Wayne Ngan had a sale at his daughter Gailan's studio...beautiful glazes...he is a master..

Jennifer Kostiuk Gallery has an amazing group show and two photographers were my favourites.  Dianne Bos (pinhole camera) and Catherine Nelson (100’s of photos layered to create her pieces).

Dianne Bos
Catherine Nelson

One of my favourites is at Jones Gallery and is the photographer Danny Singer.  Beautiful large photos from all over but a lot from Saskatchewan.  He travels around in his motor home and snaps away.  He specializes in small towns with big skies!  He is a master of stitching these photos together.

Tony Yin Tak Chin did a beautiful installation with pen and ink drawings on large rice paper with real flowers attached.  It was at the Brittania Library Gallery.

Checked out the Craft show at the Pendulum are a few of my fav's...sorry don't have the artist's names.

real thorn's

dress made from tents
hooked rug by Michelle Sirois-Silver

Went to the IDS West  Design Show….Arnt’s gallery had some of his work. Favourites were the booths from the ARC artists and Brent Comber  

My friend Nina has a new business importing felt products made by women from central Asia.  Check out ....rugs, slippers, pillows, etc.

Mayne Island was the location for thanksgiving.  The weather was fantastic so we sat on the deck a lot.  Walks, magazine reading, scrabble, drinking wine and eating turkey rounded out the visit.

Phil made the yummy!

table set in the new dining room
Arnt doing some running with fire and beer ritual

I taught a two day workshop to some of the artists at Performing Artists Lodge  My students were from 60 to 83 years old.  Was so fun.  They were gearing up for a two day show at PAL.  One of my students won the curators choice and another one won the people’s choice.  I was so proud. 

my set up
students hard at work
Lorna Schwenk's work in progress "Door to my past"

Other highlights this fall…

Our dear friends Patrick and Jeffery got married!  Ceremony in a beautiful 100 year old church and then Queens Park for the celebration.

newly married Patrick and Jeffery

Hosted my sister-in-laws 60th birthday.  All the best for the coming year Lesia!

my sister Debra and I made these delicious appy's

What I was not planning for….fell off my bike, broke my arm, had surgery to put an 11 cm (4.5") screw and plate in my elbow….yikes!!!    6 to 8 week recovery…no use of my arm!

Many thanks to all my friends for flowers, cards, emails, calls, visits, food and outings!  Thanks also to the medical team at VGH.  Special thanks to my dear friend Sally who called me every day to cheer me up, brought food and took me on an outing.  And HUGE thanks to my husband Arnt who rallied up to the challenge with everything from helping me bathe to cooking, shopping, keeping me entertained, etc., etc...all while getting ready for the Crawl!

Shows I was in this year…

Station House Gallery, Williams Lake, BC - LAUNDRY

Terra Housing Boardroom, Vancouver, BC  

Britannia Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Laos Umbrellas
Santa Fe prayer flags

Van City West End, Vancouver, BC 

Nanaimo Art Gallery, Nanaimo, BC

Burnaby Arts Council Gallery, Burnaby, BC

{second year..I was in the Amsterdam one last year}

my bird

Shows coming up this year…..

Eastside Culture Crawl
CIGAR BOX ART  {3 of 21}
AMP Studio - Paneficio Building
800 Keefer Street,  Vancouver, BC

Richmond Art Gallery
Nov 17, 2013-Jan 6, 2014
7700 MInoru GatE
Richmond, BC

The Cultch
December 17, 2013 to January 23, 2014 
1895 Venables Street
, Vancouver, BC

Shows coming up next year….
Percy Thomson Gallery, New Zealand
Jericho Arts Centre, Vancouver, BC

I have a project called “COMMON CENTS”.  As our Canadian penny is disappearing I would like to do a piece with pennies so I am looking for your leftover pennies.  Please shoot me an email and I can come and pick up.  


  1. Val, you've been busy. I'm so sorry to hear about your arm and I hope you'll heal up quickly!

  2. Val - what an inspiring FALL! You are living the artful life - thanks so much for sharing it with all of us. Be well. Michelle