Saturday, November 23, 2013


Now that I have recovered with two days of big sleeps, I would like to give you a recap of the experience.

Thursday was a public Preview night.  We did not participate but went to the crawl.  Arnt had never been to the Crawl as he has been in it for all 17 years.   We headed off with Rob O'dea (ex President of Crawl for 6 years), Rachael Ashe (participating artist) and Sally Gooding (taking a year off and doing the Crawl).  Here are a few highlights....

884 Georgia
Joan Tayler 

Joan's set up
Love her process display
Ray Ophoff  

Ray sold tons of his wonderful paintings

He keeps his brushes super clean
 Michelle Silver-Sirois was next ...
fantastic hooked rug
textile work
another hooked rug
Jazz band with her husband Jerry and our friend Paul
Sally buying a lovely piece from Michelle
At Parker Street we visited Sonya Iwasiuk..
Sonya goes to ghost towns in Saskatchewan for inspriation
her interpretation of the prairies
every farmer has to have a tractor
 and one of my favourites...David Robinson
huge horse and rider on the roof
oversize cardboard man in chair high in the air
how is this attached to the wall?
love the tension he creates in his pieces
don't jump
the shadows are part of the pieces
wonder if DaVinci is his inspiration
 Last stop at Parker was Carla Tak
she looks wonderful in front of her white piece
studio looks great
Friday was a bit disappointing with only a few hundred people and tons of rain and bad traffic, but I sold a piece so not too bad!   By the end of the weekend 3050 people had come into Paneficio studios.  I sold 6 pieces by the end of the Crawl and the best part was five of them had never seen my work before.  My raffle for the Red Cross Typhoon victims was successful raising $120 by selling my Frida Kahlo Doll.  Arnt sold several pieces at the Crawl but the bonus came on Monday when his gallery bought everything else.  How great is it to have a SOLD OUT show!  It did not stop there as another gallery he shows in Kozai Modern offered him a show in 2014.  WOW...we are happy!

(Keith Jardine photo)
count for Sunday afternoon
This just in....a wonderful man named Paul Czene did this video about my work during the Crawl...thanks Paul....  

Arnt's shop was full of new designs....

cracked ice table
Bar/table and stools
Orca hall table with drawer
I love my studio all cleaned up and work hung....
my sitting area to chat during the Crawl
everyone loved my coffee table...especially the smell of the cypress
steady crowd of people through my studio
Frida Kahlo Doll I made and raffled for Red Cross Typhoon victims
Amsterdam Bike SOLD

Measure Of My Faith (5) SOLD
Two Blue Birds SOLD

Birth of Jazz SOLD

(Keith Jardine photo)
Walter Quan of BC Arts Council bought Birth of Jazz...his first Crawl!

Connections SOLD
Live Life to Death   SOLD thanks to everyone for all the support and see you all next year!

PS:  I got some fan mail after the is one....

Hello! I was one of the many Emily Carr students who came through your studio Saturday night and I just wanted to thank you for opening up your studio to the public for the culture crawl!
I have a magpie aesthetic when it comes to decorating and art making and your work seems to encapsulate that collecting/archiving drive. I especially enjoyed your travelling shrines and for me they seem to speak a lot to the way culture and fetishism are created, something that I have been thinking a lot about lately.
Also, we went to your husbands studio and it was fantastic! Thanks for recommending it to us.
Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your work!

-Kristen Heyland 

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