Monday, February 3, 2014

MEXICO 2013/14

Went back to our Mexican surf beach for our third year.  It is about 45 minutes from the nearest big town and has nothing on it but a few rental casas and a couple restaurants and...well that is it.  But it has a great surf break and swimming beach.  Had a few friends come down which made it real fun.  Met up with some old friends and also made some new.

Arm update....was great to get some sun on the mending arm and swimming.  I am now in intensive physio therapy....painful but if I do this now it should come back....maybe to 100%!  

The following photos are a few memories from a great month on the beach....

Our casa we rent from Esmeralda and some sites around us.   Her father still runs the coco plantation that surrounds us.  The land has been in the family for many generations and Esmeralda has 10 siblings.

Esmeralda and me...we have become good friends despite the language barrier.
order of business....get the fruit for smoothies
limes for margaritas
connect with the tamale lady
buy fish 4 doors down off the fisherman....very fresh!

our coconut tree where we get coco water for our smoothies
coco trees are determined
our friend Zolly's eam home in the sun
our next door neighbour
abandoned airstream...the gringo just never came back
left his car as well
rent your board although Arnt brings his own two boards
Esmeralda's daughter got married on the beach
horse rides from the local cowboys
fisherman waiting for the truck to pick up their catch
family party usually with lobster & tacos...we also get invited
the coconuts are cut for their water and mixed with whiskey....the flesh is also eaten...its like custard
Mexican ladder

We have a few vendors come by but they are very respectful of our space.

ceramic and wood dishes
balloon guy
pork rinds and ice cream
our final feast with our neighbours .... some of these surfers have been doing it for 50 years
The boys of the family come by for food and music
we are offered turtle eggs but refuse politely
Mauricio meets our Kevin at the airport
Kevin and Arnt getting all arty with multiple cameras
Arnt kicking back reading Surfers Journal
modelling our surf T shirt
This is what Lee and Phil do
This is what Kevin does
this is what Arnt does
from dawn to dusk!

the whole family is involved in the netting of small fish off the beach
Arnt showed them how to toss the fish to the cormorants...nice catch!
purse net fishing
purse net fishing
purse net fishing
the pongas fish by hand lines
they can catch some large fish...sailfish, marlin, dorado
Arnt rents a funky kayak and builds his own back rest
sierra one of our favourites
Jack Cravalie..yum yum
he caught about 3 of these but let them all go...good fighters....this one we just found dead on the beach
we sent this pic to Rob as a jokc..dorado is.too big and fast for fly fishing gear...we bought it

this oven is still used everywhere

community store

Of course a shrine!

beans are important for the local cuisine

large squash

The Casa Blanca is a house I photograph every year as I love its roof as it reminds me of Fiji.  Lee and Phil stayed there for 10 days and we got to enjoy dinners by Augustina and she also gave us cooking lessons.  Swam in the pool, watched surf videos and of course margaritas at sunset....

coconuts are everywhere

Kevin's welcome dinner

margarita time
the house comes with lots of surfboards
this one will do

Lee and Phil hosted Arnt's birthday dinner made by Augustina


We did a few day trips to towns south of us....Troncones and Zihuatanejo.

not sure if they are walking this mattress home or looking for their car

all about the butt apparently
pinatas for every occasion
Xmas dinner at Present Moments
guacamole stack
margarita sunset
family walk in Troncones
nice hotel in Troncones
beautiful local weavings
giant steak in Troncones
yummy dessert
late night shopping with Phil
love the light show for the corner store
The animals we photographed and it was also a very sexy time for some....between us we saw turtles, snakes, geckos, dogs, pigs, birds and bees mating.

morey eel
bumped into this mama on our way home from Casa Blanca
went to a turtle is all volunteer work as government has not banned turtle egg eating
the eggs are moved to a nursery, hatched and released

Here is the cooking lesson....chile rellenos and tortillas.  We bought a tortilla press and will be practicing. 
ready for stuffing
sauce ingredients
stuff with potatoe & local cheese
ready for dipping in egg batter
once fried place in sauce
corn tortilla dough
roll in balls, flatten in tortilla press
there is an art to getting them off the press and onto the pan
can you guess which are ours?
thanks Augustina we will make this at home for sure!

Celebrating New Years at our casa......
Mark and Julie from Texas
Kevin and Valerie from Vancouver, Renata from Palm Springs
Zolley and Renata from Palm Springs
Lee and Phil from Vancouver

we made it to midnight!



  1. Looks absolutely fabulous! I wonder if I can move into that airstream? lol.

  2. Love it all.....such a wonderful trip....what more could you ask for? Fabulous food, delicious drinks, fantastic friends all in your secluded sunny spot! Look forward to seeing you when you get back. Gorgeous sun here, but cold!! xo Linda and Joe