Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Summer Vacation!

Technically Europe was in the Spring so here is what I did for the rest of the summer!  Boats, art, cottages, surfing, boogie boarding, family and friends.  A very Canadian vacation.

The big deal this summer was Arnt sailing Odin (our 21' converted lifeboat) around Vancouver Island.   He took 9 1/2 weeks to circumnavigate with different people joining up at different times.  We are working on a book and slide show so will update you later on that.


 His best buddy Rob went with him in his 34' wood boat built on the east coast in the mid 50's.

They raft up at night for dinner.

Glenn Burns
Leif Arntzen
Donald MacPherson
Christian Menard
Arnt Jeffrey Arntzen & Lloyd Arntzen
and me!
My portion of the sail took place in Clayoqot Sound with Rob, Tom and Georgina on ERN. We started at Hot Springs Cove and circumnavigated Meares Island.

I wasn't with Arnt when this happened but was always a dream of his to jump of his own boat with his surfboard!
Fishing is an important part of the trip....for fun and food.
Ling Cod

Ling Cod
Coho Salmon

Hikes are a great way to enjoy the beautiful places we anchor and big trees are still around.

great way to end a hike...this pool is on Flores Island in the middle of nowhere
the scenery is awesome!
even when it is foggy
 unfortunately people do leave garbage which does include boats left to rot

Hot Springs Cove
Lots of these float houses out in the middle of nowhere...I don't think I could live that isolated.
Have not been to this island off the coast of Tofino for 25 years.  A friend of mine owns it and is turning it over to a land reserve for protection.  Rhododendron trees planted probably 50 years ago, gorgeous sandy beach and amazing gardens.

Arnt and I worked a little bit on this canoe 25 years ago.
trail through the Rhodo forest to the beach

a welcoming party with some of the sailors at the end of the trip on Mayne Island
They both want to go back!

spent a gal pal weekend in Point Roberts which I had not been to in 40 years
We stayed at my friend Sally's amazing cottage.

ART WORK I saw this summer.....

Rodney Graham at Rennie Gallery
A food mandala in the park outside my house for Fall Fete
Ocean Concrete on Granville Island ... their new mural
Jonathan Borofsky and Human Structures.  I first saw his work in the 80's when I lived in L.A.

I took a trip with my brother Glenn to go see my family in 108 Mile Ranch.  We drove up through Pemberton and Lillooet on the way....beautiful drive.

Glenn, Debra, Eleanor and me.
Steve my brother-in-law with his brother
 Two young friends of mine, Levon and Aaron raise money for the foundation they started "Music Tree" which helps kids in all sorts of ways, held The East Van Summer Jam festival in our neighbourhood and I volunteered.  Was great!  can't wait for next year.
Our neighbourhood has Hawks Avenue Dine Out giant pot luck on the street put on by the lovely Amanda.
Our 6th annual Strathcona Surf competition was held in August this year.  Check out www.strathconasurfclub.blogspot.ca for more photos.

I organized (with the board's help) a barbecue/fundraiser for Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Club's 20th Anniversary.   I am on the board as well.  Food, music, rowing boats and great conversation.
music by Arnt, Arnt and Rob
Arnt taking Sam Mac for a row
Benjamin taking Vogler for a row looking for wind
Peter Pierobon and I made a book for the anniversary.  Was so much fun interviewing and collecting photos.  We have it for sale for $25 at the Float House on Saturday's 10-1pm while they work on our next project the Gartside Riff
Ended the summer with a fall gal pal brunch on my deck.  All artists who I wanted to find out how their summer was and what is in store for the fall.  Everyone seems to be having a great year with shows, sales and lots of energy for new work.


Arnt has a show at Kozai Modern until November 15, 2014.  
The opening was fantastic and 8 pieces sold!!!    

furniture and photos

This just in.....my friends won two awards last night at the Vancouver Urban Design Awards.  Karli Gillespie and Dick Hellofs have worked incredibly hard on their project for over three years and it is absolutely stunning.  If I did not love my place so much I would move there.  Congratulations to both of them...they certainly deserve it! 
here are some links:
... http://www.shape-arch.ca/Projects%20page/Union/union-01.html
.... http://vancouver.ca/home-property-development/urban-design-awards.aspx

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