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It was Vancouver Design Week and I started it off by going to Arnt's show Integral Elements at Kozai Modern.  It is his first show in Vancouver in many years and is on until November 15.  Gallery is at 1515 W 6th Ave at Granville.  The opening was a total success with lots of people and lots of sales.

Orca Hall Stand, STOL Cabinet, Pilot Club Chair with ottoman
All work is made by Arnt including the photos on the wall. (except for the lamps)

Propeller Bar table and stools

Burl Coffee Table and Beam End side table

Marianne, Rob, Charlie and Wendy checking out the hall table

Arnt explaining the materials in the Chinook cabinet.  Heli blades, etc.

Brent Comber, Arnt and Ron Cromie (who owns Kozai Modern)

Chinook Cabinet

His work can be seen at:, and this show at

Next was a talk sponsored by IDS West and Creative Mornings with Reece Teris.  Reece is an installation artist and did one of my favourite shows at the Vancouver Art Gallery which was creating a 6 story installation in the rotunda of apartments ranging from the 1950's to the 2000's.  Every detail was pre-built and then moved in.  Another piece was an arched bridge from the deck of his east van house to his next door neighbours.   Check out his website for more photos of his work.

bridge in east van

pre-build for VAG

build in the rotunda of the VAG

In my last post I told you about my friends winning the awards for their building.  They were part of a Vancouver Design Week tour which included a design studio in East Van and an apartment building in Chinatown. Here are a few photos from a photo shoot we helped them with last year.

entrance way to main floor with privacy screen to the office

shot from the stairs to upper floor of bedrooms looking into the living room & kitchen and doors to deck (nice end table)

Burnkit design studio has been together 14 years and based out of railtown but they bought a small building in 2013 and moved to Powell near Hawks Ave.  More info can be found at  The office was designed with the help of David Battersby who they work with a lot.  He is an architect whose work I personally love.  Most of the materials can be recycled which is important to both David and Josh (owner of Burnkit).  They also have a few designer pieces which they have traded for over the years which include furniture, lighting, etc.  The clever use of square skylights with round light wells make this a very pleasant office to work in.

computer stations on either side of this compfy meeting/lounge area with kitchen behind the plywood walls

these beautiful metal stairs go to the board room
the metal beams cantilevered from the wall and the wires to the ceiling hold it all in place
this original sunken room makes for a more private office space

Next on the walk was the Flats which is a residential 9 story building.  The interesting thing about this building is, it is on a 25' wide lot.  There is a history of that kind of building in Chinatown.  They were mostly hotels before they all moved closer to downtown.  There are 4 units on each floor except the top has two family units which span two floors with the bedrooms on the lower floor.  Because they are all corner units they have great light all day.  It is living right in the heart of it for sure so you do have to contend with noise and Chinatown life. 
this tall skinny building is an example of a 25' lot build
here is another building with beige front behind the bank building
the colourful view of Chinatown
front of the building with the metal shutters
view through the shutters
lots of metal and cement to make this a strong building
nice modern kitchen in a one bedroom

On Sunday we rode our bikes down to IDS WEST.  Lots of eye candy for sure.

it was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre and I think the front entrance makes an impact
lots of local wood is used in this building
the entrance to the show

The EAST VAN artists were out in full force. 

 Steven Pollock of 1000 Parker at

The piece behind him is a lovely textured cement painting
his stone pieces are as soft as velvet to touch and simple but beautiful designs

Claire Madill of Heyday Design works out of Mergatroid

Claire uses everyday objects to create her designs like old canning jars

here are some modern objects like a crushed pop can and a paint spray can
says it all......

Heather Dahl is also at Mergatroid at

definitely the 60's and 70's  influence her designs

Janna Hurtzig of 339 Railway at

not only does she make the most fabulous bags but she recycles cashmere sweaters to create new items like gloves, scarves, hats, pillows, etc.

snuggle up in this cashmere blanket on those rainy Vancouver evenings

Nathan Wiens of Chapel Arts at

Nathan has a great display of finished products and wood slabs

 Bobby Sue Smith of the ARC at

screen printing is referenced but these are hand done acrylic paintings

Mario Sabljak of the ARC at

cabinet and his new lighting

 Judson Beaumont of 1000 Parker at

too much fun is had at Straight Line with crazy cabinets and trailer dog houses

you can change the configuration of this cabinet as they are all friction fitted
nothing says Canada like a TV cabinet that has a cupboard and a drawer

Other artists on the scene.....

 Brent Comber from North Vancouver at

this is the Ikebana Douglas Fir bench series...they can be put together in lots of different configurations

Cathy Terepocki from Yarrow at

okay cutest set up ever...who doesn't love an Airstream!
Cathy surrounded by her ceramics and jewelry

Saw some great designs for lighting.....

 Ocean Pacific Lighting of Surrey at

yep it is feathers!

Cerno of California at

love these sconces

 And then there is the quirky and unusual......
makes spending that money all the more fun
another designers interpretation of a dog house
these were only there as part of a display but I loved the structure

not sure what they were made from but new ideas in sinks with colour
this green tub would be a big commitment for sure
speaking of colour, I had a flashback to avocado green and harvest gold from the 60's when I saw this kitchen

this carpet company calls this series "Erased Classic" and it was actually pretty interesting

this was another carpet company and they used leather labels to make this one

no information on this but love the design...hope it gets built
for all my piano playing friends...a glass piano
not sure what this booth was for but loved it!
you can get your product've already moved it there so skip moving it again and get your piece professionally photographed...very clever

 And a couple of FUN events happening.....

This is a company that was having a contest where you had a certain number of items to choose from...four chairs, 1 couch, 2 end tables and 1 coffee table.   You had on shelves to the side a good assortment of items to make it your own design...from artwork, lamps, chachkas, pillows, etc.  People were cheering other people on and giving advice.  You got a gift certificate for participating.

This "Dinner by Design" competition was decorating the best dinner table in the same size space.  This was really creative and was done before the show and not on the day. 

my favourite with all the real roses on the table and the wall and chandelier of roses

another favourite with the clever use of paper to cast fabulous shadows and add lovely texture

I stumbled across this quote in someone's booth.....what more can one say?

After the show we met our dear friend Don (of sailing his boat from Vancouver to New Zealand fame) for a drink at Mallones on Pender.  Could not help but notice the lighting.  Very clever use of those old pinwheel design bottles.  Oh and New Zealand is our next vacation which we are planning for next spring!

as always thanks for stopping by......Valerie

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